Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Arrivals 6/22/2015 to 6/28/2015

by Alexander "La Lucha" Smith

Navigate a labyrinthine dungeon, collect coins, evade the lurking dragon and be the first to escape in the latest edition of Drakon. Each turn you will have to decide whether to venture into another chamber of the dungeon or place down a new tile. Building the dungeon has its advantages; you can place traps near your enemies and beneficial rooms closer to yourself. You can't wait around too long though, because the dragon is hungry and her dungeon is full of dinner.

Torchbearer is an RPG in which you take on the role of a hard-on-your-luck adventurer pressed into danger out of necessity. In your adventures, you'll emerge battered and bruised from exploring old ruins, and...and...fighting dragons? You must be insane! Torchbearer isn't a game where heroes of superhuman ability rove the land in search for adventure, but rather it is a medium for telling stories of loss, weakness, cowardice, and the miracle of making it through another day filled with danger. If you're looking for something different, give this roleplaying system a try.

Speaking of roleplaying games that are a bit out of the ordinary, World Wide Wrestling is another cool new book we just got in. Like a soap-opera but with much more violence, you get to tell stories about corrupt managers, grizzled industry veterans, and brand new superstars rising through the ranks and going toe to toe with other fierce fighters. Got what it takes to step into the ring? Prove it in World Wide Wrestling!

Anyone familiar with Gloom knows that nothing good will happen to your family in this game, and that is also true in Fairy Tale Gloom. Using the base mechanic of playing misfortunes on your own family and boons on your opponents', Fairy Tale Gloom adds characters and events from all of your favorite fairy tales. Most fairy tales don't end so well for the characters, so it's entirely possible that your grandmother will be eaten by a wolf and Rapunzel will be turned into a toad by the end of the game. Great on its own or played with other sets, this game is worth a try if you enjoy the darker side of fairy tales.

We have many new Puzzles in stock this week. We have the Atom, Molecule, Cell, and Particle Lab Test Puzzles. If you want something smaller, we also have metal Puzzling Professors' Puzzles. Morph's Egg is another cool puzzle that just arrived, and it's been a toughie! Similar to a Rubik's Cube, you must twist and turn the pieces until they form an egg. The only problem is that with no colors to guide you, you'll have to solve using only the curves of the shape to guide you.

New Demos: The Atom, Molecule, Cell, and Particle Lab Test Puzzles, Morph's Egg, Fool's Gold, Spot It America, Doodle Quest.

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