Saturday, August 8, 2015

New Arrivals 7/20/2015 to 8/3/2015

by Alexander "No, You're A Uranium" Smith

La Granja is a European boardgame where you develop a farm, bring goods to market, and earn victory points. Think of La Granja as Agricola meets Dominion. Each player will be presented with different risks and options that will help shape the game. Are other people taking the things you want before you can? Change the turn order! Want to sell more things on your trips to the market? Hire a wainwright! La Granja is a very satisfying European boardgame that will have you excited about life in the countryside.

In Awful Green Things From Outer Space, one player will command the crew of a space ship while the other takes control of the awful green aliens that have attacked it. The humans have various weapons, but will have to find out which ones are effective against the horde  of aliens through trial and error. Awful Green Things From Outer Space is a two-player game that is fun, quirky, and filled with strategy. Don't miss out on this stellar piece of 80's science fiction!

Do you like global war games like Risk or Axis and Allies, but feel like the only thing that sets the players apart is what color their pieces are? Quartermaster General is a great new World War II game where each player has their own unique set of cards to help them supply their troops, aid their allies and conquer their foes. Another great feature is that Quartermaster General takes place over a set number of turns and doesn't outstay its welcome at the game table. Definitely give this game a try if you're a fan of war and strategy games; you might find your old favorites dethroned!

Akrotiri is a game of exploration and discovery set in ancient Greece. Players will discover ruins and excavate temples in their quest for treasure and glory, but getting there is no easy task. Build the map by laying down tiles to access resources and locate your goals quickly. Secret agendas, island commerce, and adventure all await you in Akrotiri!

You might have made a house of cards, but what about a whole city of them? In Flip City, you'll take cards from a central deck and arrange them into your own personal city. Each card has special abilities, and you can change your city with a simple flip of the card. Easy to play and filled with exciting turnabouts, Flip City is the best way to have fun and build a city in thirty minutes or less.

Get ready for more science in the new Compounded expansion, Compounded: Geiger Expansion! Radioactive elements will yield exciting new compounds, but you risk endangering the lives of your fellow scientists and yourself. Work together to lower the radiation, but don't forget that fortune favors the bold!

Firefly: the Game has two new expansion ship sets, Jetwash and Esmerelda. These ships open up new strategies for pulling off death-defying maneuvering or stealthily hiding allies who don't want to be found; but how you put those new abilities into action is up to you. There's one thing that's for certain, and that's that there is money to be made by being tricky in the 'verse.

Old Hollywood is the glitzy new Android: Netrunner expansion that takes you into the cyberpunk future of cinema. Will you score agenda points by putting out an explosion-filled action movie or leak spoilers of an unreleased film? With twenty brand-new cards for you to craft new decks with, Old Hollywood is anything but the same old thing. 

New ships for Star Trek: Attack Wing have decloaked and are preparing to fire on your game table! The I.K.S. T'Ong, the U.S.S. Thunderchild and the I.R.W. Vrax make up wave 17 of this collectible miniatures game. Lock on to these new Klingon, Federation, and Romulan ships before they get away!

The new Star Wars RPG, Star
Wars: Force and Destiny, is out! Explore myriad worlds a long, long time ago in galaxy far, far away in this new role playing game. With heavy focus on Jedi, Sith and the power of the Force, Force and Destiny is the best way to bring epic lightsaber battles to your roleplaying group.

My First Bohnanza is the beginner-friendly version of the classic bean collecting game, BohnanzaMy First Bohnanza is a set collection game where you gather sets of different kinds of beans in order to gain points. Teach children about probability and risk versus reward with cartoon legumes in this smart game!  

Medieval Academy is a simple card drafting game where young knights will try to grab cards to complete their training. Not all knights will want the same thing though, and you'll have to watch what the other knights are taking so you're not stepping on any armored feet. Do you have what it takes to become a knight? Find out for yourself in Medieval Academy.

Ghost Blitz 2 is a stand-alone expansion for Ghost Blitz with a new set of five bathroom themed objects. Flip over cards and be the first to correctly identify the matching item from the picture...or find out what's missing. You can even combine the two games together for a whole houseful of haunted havoc!

New demos: Batman Fluxx, Adventure Time Fluxx, Fluxx Dice, Enchanted Tower, Medieval Academy

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