Friday, August 21, 2015

New Arrivals 8/18/2015 to 8/24/2015

by Alexander "What's Going On With These Pigs?" Smith

Open Sesame is a push-your-luck and memory game where players become Ali Baba and his treasure stealing thieves. Each round, a new player becomes Ali Baba and starts to take treasures from the deck. One of the other players will then have to list off all the treasure that have been taken. If they get it wrong or Ali Baba stops, the treasure is distributed as Ali Baba sees fit. If Ali Baba is too greedy and gets caught, however, the other players will take all the treasure for themselves. Will you escape the cave with treasure that would rival that of a sultan or will you be caught and left penniless by your peers? Find out with this amazingly fun game!

Machi Koro: Millionaire's Row is the second expansion for our favorite Japanese townbuilding game. In Millionaire's Row, you'll find new and exciting buildings such as the General Store, the Cleaning Company, and the Park. These new buildings have crazy new effects such as earning you money based on how many landmarks you've built, temporarily disabling other buildings, or redistributing each player's wealth. 

The card game of ever-changing rules comes to Gotham City with the newly released Batman Fluxx. Help the Dynamic Duo stop crime and complete goals before other players beat you to it, or one of the many iconic villains get in your way!

What time is it? Time for Adventure Time Fluxx! Explore the fantastical land of Ooo with Finn the human and Jake the talking dog, solving problems and completing quests on your way. Fans of the show are sure to enjoy seeing their favorite characters and jokes in this crazy card game.

Make your town the talk of in Suburbia 5. Tourist-friendly towns will reap the benefit of being earlier in player turn order, give extra bonuses and penalties, and even break ties with other towns. You can also play with a fifth player in this expansion, so if you've been looking to get more people into your development games, now's the time!

Think you know more than your friends? Prove it with Geek Out! Pop Culture Party! Each question will have multiple correct answers and you'll have to give more answers than your opponents. Outbid your friends and show off all your knowledge in this great party game!
If you're looking for a new roleplaying game, take a look at the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. Expanding on the already deep lore of the videogames, you'll be able to create heroic characters, battle terrifying Darkspawn, and continue your own adventures in Thedas. Whether you're a fan of the series or just enjoy rich storytelling, Dragon Age can be counted on to deliver quite the adventure.

New demos: Open Sesame

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