Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Arrivals 9/15/2015 to 9/21/2015

by Alexander "Camel Race Enthusiast" Smith

Code of Nine is a game where each player plays as an automaton dutifully carrying out tasks long after the downfall of the human race. Each player has two memory cards which determine how victory points are scored. Gather relics of the past to perform your duties or peek at the memory cards of others, piecing the puzzle together in this very thematic deduction game.

Tragedy Looper: Midnight Circle is a collection of 24 new scripts for the paranormal deduction game, Tragedy Looper. Originally released in Japan as two separate expansions, Midnight Circle introduces two new sets; the Midnight Zone and Mystery Circle. Midnight Zone gives the supernatural elements of the game new spectral teeth while the Mystery Circle is more mundane...but not less deadly! Midnight Circle adds hours of new gameplay and is a huge content boost for your favorite time-travel murder mystery game.

Meteor is a real time cooperative board game where you must work with other players to blow up meteors and save humanity. Work to gather up resources, build rockets and launch them at the incoming meteors before what could be Earth's last five minutes are up! 

Designed by two famous game designers, Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala, The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars is a beautiful point-to-point movement game. Visit clouds in your biplane, gathering stars and triggering story events. Visiting people or getting to certain places first can earn you stars, and the person with the most stars at the end of the game wins!

Camel Up: Supercup is the first expansion for the 2014 Spiel des Jahres award winner, Camel Up. In addition to adding a ninth and tenth player to the game, the expansion comes with four modules to increase the excitement of camel races. Now you can bet on relative positions, collaboratively bet with a partner or bet on which camel will be the most photogenic. Additionally, there is a new extended race track, as well as support dice which make the outcome of the wacky race all the more wild.

Discoveries is a dice based game of embarking on journeys and gathering information on what would later become the western United States. Play as Lewis, Clark, Gass or Ordway as you accumulate knowledge by discovering plants, animals and geography. Roll the dice and become an intrepid explorer in this cool worker placement game.

Ca$h 'n Guns: More Cash 'n More Guns is an expansion for Ca$h 'n Guns that guessed it! More cash and more guns. New secret identity cards change up the rules for each of the players, even giving a lucky few increased firepower in the from of either twin handguns, a revolver or a derringer pistol. Also, there is now special loot that is worth nothing, but adds to your bonuses, counterfeit money that may or may not be worth money and special treasures that can only be obtained by finding a key beforehand.

Epic is a fantasy card game brought to you by the minds behind the space themed deckbuilding game, Star Realms. Epic jumps straight into the action, letting you summon fearsome monsters and cast powerful spells from the very first turn. There are many ways to play; randomly deal out 30 cards to each player, draft with a group, or create your deck beforehand.
Navigate though the forest and get to Grandma's house before the wolf does in Little Red Riding Hood. If you've enjoyed games like Baba Yaga, Three Little Pigs, or Hare & Tortoise, you'll be familiar with how well IELLO brings fairy tales to life. If you're looking for a new challenge, you can play as the wolf as well!

Unicorn Glitterluck is a roll and play game for players aged three and up. Roll the die, hop between clouds and collect cloud crystals. You might find a muffin and forget about the race as you enjoy a delicious treat or maybe find a present to give to another player. This game is light-hearted, fun, and certainly a good introduction to gaming for young ones.

Princess Magic Fairy is a cooperative game where players work together to correctly identify spells cast on each other before the kobold steals them all. Each turn a player will take a card and draw the shape with their finger or a wand on another player's back. If they can guess the shape, you've successfully cast the spell. Otherwise, the kobold will steal it! Collect more spells than the kobold to win!

New demos: Epic, Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark, Little Prince Rising to the Stars, Monza, Dinosaur Escape

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