Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Arrivals 9/8/2015 to 9/14/2015

by Alexander "More Teeth Than a Chainsaw Convention" Smith

Tides of Time is a two player drafting game where the cards you add to your kingdom will give you different opportunities to score points. After the first round, you'll be able to select a card from your previous kingdom as a "relic from the past" which will change the way you plan for the following rounds. You're sure to enjoy this game time and time again!

Takenoko: Chibis is a panda-packed expansion for Takenoko where you'll meet Mrs. Panda and all of her kids. New tiles will offer new gameplay experiences as you find the gardener's cabin or the celestial lake. With more pandas, you'll have to work twice as hard to keep the royal garden in order!

Tyrantrum EX Box can't even contain the fearsome power of this great dragon pokémon. Tryrantrum EX's Dragon Impact move does a whopping 190 points of damage, and his Despotic Fang ability makes sure that his attacks will always hit for full damage. Check out this new EX box and harness the power of this awesome dragon pokémon for yourself!

The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook contains everything you need to create your own worlds and run adventures for roleplaying games using the Adventure Game Engine. Titans Grave: Ashes of Valkana is an adventure series that takes place in realm of science fantasy where you're just as likely to find ancient catacombs as sentient AIs. Titans Grave was featured on the Geek & Sundry Youtube channel, and has captured the imaginations of players looking for something new and exciting.

The U.S.S. Phoenix, Bioship Beta and Quark's Treasure for Star Trek Attack Wing have arrived! Add these new ships to your collection or play the included missions. Follow the story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by carrying out an unauthorized attack as Captain Benjamin Maxwell, helping Quark smuggle goods past the federation, or engaging in a high-stakes chase through an asteroid field as Species 8472. Wave 18 is filled with interesting new missions, crew, and upgrade, so be sure to check it out!

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