Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Arrivals 9/29/2015 to 10/3/2015

by Alexander "World's Smallest Joke Nickname" Smith

Mafia de Cuba is a bluffing party game for 6 to 12 players. Each mafioso seated at the table will be passed the Godfather's cigar box filled with diamonds. The players can then choose to steal a diamond, take a role chip to prove their loyalty or become a CIA agent. When the Godfather returns, he'll have to punish the thieves, spare those who were loyal and not get caught by the CIA agent. When you play this game, everyone is sure to have fun...well, unless you get sized for a pair of cement shoes.

Prohis is a game of smuggling alcohol in Prohibition era America, and there is good money to be made if you can evade the prying agents. Players earn money by hiding illegal goods in their cargo of up to four face-down cards going to their warehouse. Other players can play cards that will allow them to inspect a certain number of cards from the shipment, and if they find illegal goods, they'll steal the entire cargo for themselves. Make the most money by deceiving your opponents and catching them breaking the law.

Draw 4 is a set collection game for archaeologists ages five and up. Players take turns excavating tiles from the grid, and it's your job to find four parts of a dinosaur and put them together. You can also excavate action tiles that will help you find more dinosaurs.

World's Smallest Rubik's Cube and World's Smallest Perplexus are miniaturized versions of the original Rubik's Cube and Perplexus. These two puzzles fit in your pocket so you can take them wherever you go. 

It's time to fight the ancient Eldrazi in Battle for Zendikar! This new set for the popular card game, Magic: the Gathering takes place on the plane of Zendikar, a plane now besieged by the monstrous Eldrazi. In addition to the normal contents, a small percentage of boosters contain rare and valuable full art foil 'Expedition Lands'. Will the Eldrazi consume the plane of Zendikar, or will you help fend off the ancient horrors with the help of the Planeswalkers? It's up to you to help decide the fate of Zendikar!

New demos: Prohis, Draw 4

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