Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Arrivals 2/24/2016 to 3/2/2016

by Alexander "Animal Counting Troubles" Smith

Crowded Waters is a game for 2-4 players where your goal is to always be able to find a safe spot for your sharks to swim. Each turn, you'll place another shark on the 8x8 board, but it has to be touching one of your own sharks and it has to be facing an open space that no other shark is facing. This makes tile placement tricky and also remarkably similar to the classic strategy game, Go.

Rondo is an abstract strategy game by the famous boardgame designer, Reiner Knizia. In Rondo, players will take colored tokens and place them in a chain around the board, matching the colored token to the corresponding space on the board. The player who lays their tokens on the spaces worth the most points wins!

Raptor is a game for two players by Bruno Cathala. One player is a raptor protecting her babies while the other plays as scientists looking to capture the baby raptors and get away unscathed. Each player will secretly choose one of their cards, and when you reveal, the player with the lower number takes any special actions written on his or her card. The player with the higher number takes a number of actions equal to the difference between the two cards. Mechanically, the game is very well thought out and rewards smart scientists and clever raptors.

In Oh My Goods! you are a European craftsman during the medieval period. Convert raw materials into money to build buildings that will help you create new goods or earn higher profits. You can even hire assistants to help you in your tasks. Despite the compact size of the game, Oh My Goods! really feels like a full-sized board game.

Liberty or Death: the American Insurrection is the fifth game in the COIN series of war games by GMT. Using many of the same mechanics from other GMT war games such as Andean Abyss and Fire in the Lake, Liberty or Death adds unique mechanics such as French blockades, rabble rousing and irregular troops. 

Next War: India-Pakistan extrapolates on the current and historical political atmosphere of the Punjab district of Pakistan as well as Jammu and Kashmir in India. This game envisions a scenario where the two countries are engaged in war. Next War: India-Pakistan is by no means an easy game for a beginner without previous war game experience. However, the gameplay can be tailored to play anything from a straightforward skirmish to an extended battle where there are greater strategic options available.

Legends of the American Frontier is a story-telling game at its heart. You and 2-6 of your friends take on the roles of trappers, soldiers, settlers and more in 1780's America. Gather story cues by completing quests that will add to your character's Wealth, Happiness, Fame and Status.

GobbleStones is a game where you play as a hungry goblin looking to gobble up the tastiest gemstones on the board. The more gemstones you cover with your tokens, the more points you'll get...but for each tile you lay, you'll receive one fewer tile at the end of the turn.

Trick Question is a party game where players divvy up into teams and try to solve brain teasers, misleading word questions, and riddles...and if you don't know the answer, you can always force the question on the other team. Think you know your way around some devious word play? Check out Trick Question and put your noggin to the test!

Rubik's Race is the head-to head sliding puzzle game where you'll have to maneuver colored tiles around the board and match a pattern faster than your opponent to win. If you love sliding puzzles and want to put a competetive spin to your solving skills, this game is for you.

Help a bunch of rowdy raccoons get dressed in the game Racoon Rumpus. Roll the dice, match the color and part of outfit with one of the costumes, and put those clothes on your racoon. The racoon with the most costumes at the end of the day wins!

How good is your horse-sense? Good enough to handle Hundreds of Horses? Create horse-centric stories and get your friends to vote on the best horse to play the role of the main character. Why ask for a pony for your birthday when you could ask for Hundreds of Horses?

The Piggyback Brigade reminds us of Camel Up, and that's certainly a high compliment. Roll the die and race technicolored pigs to the end of the track. Climb on another pig to be carried forward or lengthen the racecourse to give yourself time to catch up. When you're done, you can take the pigs and have them perform fantastic acts of acrobatics.

Pig 10 is a fun math game for kids that plays similarly to blackjack. If you are the player whose card makes the total number in the middle 10, you win! But if you go over, you'll only be doing the player before you a favor.

Two new expansions for your favorite Living card games have recently come out; "The King's Peace Chapter Pack" for the A Game of Thrones LCG as well as the "Deadly Salvage War Pack" for the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest LCG are now out and available. Try out new combinations of cards and explore new strategies with these additions to you collection.

We also have a lot of new puzzles and puzzle books in the store. We're really looking forward to putting some of the puzzles from Leonardo da Vinci's Puzzle Codex and Einstein's Puzzle Universe up on the puzzle board outside! Playing cards are another thing we've received a lot of lately, so if you're in the market for some very sleek looking sets, come down and take a look!
Back in stock: Trivial Pursuit books, Even Stevens Odd

New demos: Pharoh's Gulo Gulo, Rondo, The Piggyback Brigade, Liberty or Death: the American Insurrection, Next War: India-Pakistan, Even Stevens Odd, Racoon Rumpus, This or That?, Trick Question, Scotland Yard, Crowded Waters

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