Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Arrivals 3/31/2016

by Kathleen Donahue

New stuff! Star War Rebellion releases TODAY! Also from Fantasy Flight is the new Democracy and Dogma datapack for the Android: Netrunner living card game. 

Knit Wit (a new word/party game from Matt Leacock, the game designer of Pandemic and Forbidden Island) is finally in stock. Thames and Kosmos have re-released two classic two-player games, Tally Ho! and The Rose King. We brought in Pictomania, a fun drawing party game, and Fief, a heavy strategy game, two recent releases that I've heard really good things about. 

There is a highly anticipated new role-playing game for kids (and adults), No Thank You, Evil. We also have a cute new cooperative game, The Memory Palace, for little kids from Peaceable Kingdom.

We now have copies of Wonky for sale, so now you can finally get your hands on this wacky stacking game. Also, Dingo's Dreams, with art by Ryan Leukat, is finally here. I may have to open that one up. I love him sooo much. So MANY new things this week!

We also a new demo copy of Burgle Bros. and The Memory Palace, so come and play them with us if you've been interested in trying out those games!

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