Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Arrivals 4/12/2016

by Alexander "Cylindrical Energy Units" Smith

Quadropolis is a game where you will have your architects grab projects from a communal pool and build them in your city. All the staff came in on Monday and we opened up a copy of this to play and we had a lot of fun with it.

Onitama is a two player game played on a 5x5 grid. The object of the game is simple; take your opponent's main piece or capture the other player's starting square. Because moves are limited by cards that won't all be available at the same time, there is a lot of strategy to this seemingly simple game.

The new deluxe expansion for the A Game Of Thrones: Second Edition Living Card Game is here! With this expansion, players will be able to create bold new decks filled with new cards from the House Stark faction.

Finally, we have a copy of the new Emma expansion for the Marrying Mr. Darcy game. Not only does this expansion swap the ladies and suitors with those from another of Jane Austin's books, but it also changes the event deck to add new matchmaker, blunder and interfere cards.

As for new demos, we have a new copy of Quadropolis on our demo shelves that you can try out for yourself! Labyrinth staff aren't the only ones who get to have fun.

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