Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Arrivals 4/26/2016

by Alexander "Medical Whoopie Cushion" Smith

Save the patient before time runs out in this new real-time cooperative party game, Doctor Panic. Work together to perform compressions, apply electrodes, prescribe medicine and stitch sutures before the patient has a heart attack!

Grab your favorite paperback and get ready for a night of entertainment when you crack open Bring Your Own Book. Skim through the book of your choice for the best answers to the questions given to you, and if your answer is the most popular, you win! We played this at the store with Dungeons & Dragons manuals and a Trivial Pursuit book, and the answers we came up with were absolutely hilarious.

Flower Fairy is a cooperative game for toddlers that will have you stacking pieces and matching colors in order to help Rosalina  the fairy keep the garden beautiful. This is a great tool for early gamers that helps improve their motor skills and concentration while having fun as a team.

 A new batch of Rory's Story Cubes are here! Supplement your story telling with new intergalactic, score, and medical themed dice sets. Like other sets of Rory's Story Cubes, these new dice are amazing ways to express creativity or beat writer's block.

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