Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Arrivals 7/1/2016

By Alexander "Wooden Stones" Smith

Imhotep is one of the three games nominated this year for the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award. In this light strategy game for 2-4 player, you must collect stone, ferry the stone on boats, and play action cards all in an effort to assemble monuments and score points. Kathleen played it this last Thursday for boardgame night, and she loved it and is looking forward to playing the advanced version.

Nobody wants to be the one to take out the trash, and in Garbage Day, avoiding this dreaded chore is the name of the game. Players hide garbage cards in their room or stack cards on top of the garbage can. If you cause the pile to come tumbling down, you have to take it. A steady hand is key to getting rid of your trash. This dexterity game plays 2-5 players, but really shines when you have a full group of five.

Kittens in a Blender is a card game for 2-4 players where your goal is to save your kittens from being put into a blender. Players can play cards to protect their own kittens or remove all the kittens currently in the blender from the game. The gameplay is fun, fast, and interesting.

Star Trek: Frontiers is a Star Trek themed re-implementation of the Mage Knight board game by famous game designer, Vlaada Chvรกtil. 1-4 players can take command of ships, explore a modular board, and defeat hostile alien ships in this Star Trek filled strategy game.

The Metagame is a party game that is can play actually six games in one. Debate whose culture card is the best fit for an opinion card, play a speed matching game, arrange cards into 'quilts' of cards that share commonalities and more! We played this game at the store with all the employees, and I swept the competition, so I am very excited about this game.

The Voting Game is an interesting take on a classic game where everyone must vote on who they think would best fit a description, and then one person has to guess who said what. Learn more about what your friends think about you in this interesting party game for up to 12 players.

Brain Games: the Game takes the popular National Geographic Channel's Brain Games and puts the brain-bending excitement right in your home. Compete with friends and family in topics such as Logic, Language, and Vision to prove you're the brainiest of the bunch.

Imperial Veterans includes specially painted models of classic Imperial ships along with new pilots, upgrades and maneuvers to your Star Wars: X-Wing game. Bolster the strength of your Imperial squadron with the best of the best in this new expansion, and discover new strategies available to you with the new tools at your disposal.

If you play Star Wars:X-Wing and are looking for a neat way to distinguish your TIE Fighters from your friend's, you're in luck! We now have colored replacement stands in a variety of colors. We have red, orange, green, blue and purple stands, and they look fantastic.

We've also received a cool new magnetic fridge puzzle of Washington, D.C.! We've had fridge puzzles for Chicago, New York, Paris, and London in the past, and now the company that makes them has our very own Washington, D.C.

New demos: The Metagame, the Voting Game, Braingames: the Game, and Imhotep.

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