Friday, July 22, 2016

New Arrivals 7/22/2016

By Alexander "Can Tell Dirigibles and Blimps Apart" Smith

Mystic Vale is a deck building game for 2-4 players where you modify the cards as you play! Throughout the game, you will purchase transparent plastic inserts that you will slide into one of your sleeved cards, adding new abilities to that card. We've come across some really powerful combinations in the games we've played, and we're looking forward to discovering more!

Dead Last is a game of social collusion by local game designer Matt Grosso. 6-12 players will eliminate each other over multiple rounds by voting who to remove...and if you didn't side with the popular vote, you're also out. Now that we have copies on the game, I'm looking forward to lots of secret communication and shifting allegiances during game night.

Build your own steampunk airship in Dastardly Dirigibles! Players will assemble their dirigible by all laying down the same part of the ship onto their board. The player who can get the most parts of the same suit onto their airship will score the most points.

Skiwampus is a fast-paced matching game where players have to quickly match the corners of their cards to form sets and cover the circle it makes by placing a goal chip over it. Think fast and complete the most goals to win this challenging matching game.

Balance Beans is a clever balancing puzzle where you must add colorful beans to an uneven platform and get it to balance. This is a great introduction to puzzle games before moving up to other games by ThinkFun like Rush Hour or Gravity Maze.

Geometry Strategy feels sort of like Chess or Stratego, but with a twist that can shake up the game by changing how powerful your pieces are at a moment's notice. The object of the game is simple: guide your sphere to the center and use your pieces to knock out other players...but when you enter the red zone, the strength of each of the different pieces change which can lead to some astounding upsets.

The Perplexus Q-Bot is a new three dimensional puzzle where you have to guide a ball though the maze by moving the maze itself. The small size of this Perplexus makes it easy to transport, making it a great game on the go.


The newest Magic: the Gathering set, Eldritch Moon is here! We have booster packs, fat packs, and intro decks for sale, so if you're looking for some new cool cards from the plane of Innistrad, now's your chance!

The new expansion for Android: Netrunner is here! 23 Seconds is the first in the new Flashpoint cycle and offers new cards for both Corporations and Runners.

The Pokémon Break Evolution Box: Ho-Oh and Lugia is filled with awesome new legendary cards and powerful BREAK evolutions. This set includes Ho-Oh BREAK, Wobuffet BREAK Ho-Oh, and Lugia as well as an oversized Ho-Oh BREAK and five booster packs.

Now you can complete the trifecta started with Charizard and Blastoise with the new Pokémon Venusaur-EX Red & Blue Collection. This set comes with a copy of the powerful Venusaur-EX, a Venusaur figurine, and four of the coveted Generations booster packs.

Recently back in stock we have Cyclades, Pandemic Legacy, Catan Jr., the new Mr. Jack anniversary reprint, and The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet. Pandemic Legacy has been super popular, so if you're interested in getting this game, stop by and pick one up before it's gone!

New demos: Mystic Vale, Balance Beans, Geometry Strategy, Garbage Day, Skiwampus

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