Friday, July 8, 2016

New Arrivals 7/8/2016

by Alexander "Miniature Siege" Smith

Kaboom might just be the best tactile game we've played so far. Ever since we played this castle building, catapult firing game, we've been hooked. There's something beautiful about building as many structures as you can while up to four other players launch wooden cubes in an effort to topple your buildings. The game does a very good job of making both sides fun to play, and created a remarkably balanced one-versus-many game that I'm sure we'll be playing more of.

Crazy Karts is a wacky team-based cart race for 3-8 players. Each team selects actions in secret which help them turn, accelerate, grab items or possibly cause them to spiral out of control when their actions conflict with each other. Different factions give teams different ways to experience the game, making this crazy race incredibly replayable.

Return to Warwick Mansion and to solve more mysteries in the Mysterium: Hidden Signs expansion. New characters, places, objects, and visions add a new level of challenge to this game of intuition and observation. Our psychic powers have revealed to us that if you love Mysterium, you'll love this expansion.

The Iconic Washington DC Coloring Book isn't just a a great way to color all of your favorite monuments and museums of the nation's capitol, it's also a set of beautiful postcards! Yes, you can tear out the thick paper, slap on a stamp and write you your loved ones with postcards you colored yourself. We're still reeling by what an amazing idea this is, and we think that it's one of the best D.C. themed gifts you could get.

New demos: Kaboom

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