Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Arrivals 8/23/2016

By Alexander "Ignoblesse Oblige" Smith

Hire a crew, build your city, and search the seas for treasure in the new 2-4 player sailing game, Islebound. The modular board and variety of options available to the players make this game incredibly replayable. We've enjoyed both Above and Below and Artifacts, Inc., both designed by Ryan Laukat, so we're really looking forward to cracking this one open as soon as possible.

Mare Nostrum: Empires is an ancient civilization building game for 2-5 players where you will ally yourself with Caesar, Pericles, Hammurabi, Cleopatra, or Hannibal in your quest for glory. Win through occupying provinces, trading, and building the wonders of the ancient world.

Smash Up: Cease and Desist is the pop-culture parody expansion to Smash Up that you've been waiting for. Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Try the Ignobles faction with their Aunt of Drakes and Red Birthday Party cards. Likewise, Star Wars fans have the Astroknights, Trekkies get Star Roamers, and Transformers aficionados will love the Changerbots. This set is filled with so many clever tongue-in-cheek references that you'll be having fun the moment you draw a card.

Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building Game is a standalone expansion to the popular Legendary Encounters series. 1-5 players will have to work together to eke out a meager living by taking on jobs of varying questionable legality. While there are no aliens in the Firefly universe, you can integrate with other Legendary Encounters games for a brand new experience. I'm sure Jayne would be happy to introduce Vera to a Predator or two.

Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China is another standalone expansion to Legendary with characters and scenes from the cult film, Big Trouble in Little China. Use mystical techniques and modern day weaponry to take down Lo Pan...or combine the game with another Legendary set and have Jack Burton face off against Marvel villains instead!

Walls & Warriors is an updated version of a puzzle game called Troy that we used to carry. As in Troy, you will have to place castle walls in such a way that all the blue pieces are inside, the red pieces are outside, and there are no entrances into the castle. This version adds an inner castle that takes up two spaces, doubles the number of puzzles from 40 to 80, and the quality of the pieces and the board look much, much nicer. If you haven't tried it yet, this is definitely worth a look.

Little Red Riding Hood is a puzzle game for children ages four and up. Set up the board pieces in one of 48 different challenges and place the pathway tiles to guide both Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf to Grandmother's house. The game even includes a picture book for those looking to experience the story of Little Red Riding Hood

New demos: Legendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building Game

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Arrivals 8/8/2016

By Alexander "Dive! Dive! Dive!" Smith

Via Nebula is a pick-up and deliver game for 2-4 players where you will clear the map of impeding mists, open up resource production sites, and complete constructions to fulfill contracts. The aesthetics of this game are whimsical, but don't let that fool you! There's still quite a lot of action here and you'll have to adapt your strategy as new resources and routes are revealed.

Captain Sonar is a team based game where players take on the role of Captain, Engineer, Radio Operator and Chief Mate operating a submarine. Each player has access to information and must share that information with their teammates so they can coordinate and sink the opposing ship. While this game can play as few as two, playing with the maximum of eight offers the best play experience.

Tyrants of the Underdark is a Dungeons & Dragons themed territory control boardgame where 2-4 players gather their minions and seize control of areas to amass power. The game uses an 80-card deck that changes from game to game, making the game very re-playable.

Tides of Madness is the sequel to the two-player drafting game, Tides of Time. Delve into the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft as you draft cards to accumulate points. Toe the line between sanity and madness as you choose which cards you'll add to your side...but be wary; too much madness will cost you the game before the points are even counted!

The second edition of Mansions of Madness is here! This updated version of one of our favorite horror games takes everything you loved about the original and streamlined it, making it a much more approachable game. One of the biggest improvements is that you no longer need someone to oversee the game and play the villain; you can use an app and even play solo games! If you have the older version, you don't have to worry because included with the game is everything you need to incorporate the old assets into this new version.

Jungle Smart is an amazing family game centered around giving your partner instructions to change the positions of an elephant, a lion, and a polar bear so that they match the goal card. The trick is that you can only give instructions though the syllables on the cards. This is an amazing cooperative kids' game that will have you solving puzzles and stacking animals all day long.

Tegu Blocks are polarized magnetic wooden blocks that we've been constantly building things out of since they arrived. You can make all sorts of amazing structures and shapes out of these technicolor blocks, and the magnets allow you to make things no ordinary set of blocks could dream of! Young ones will learn fine motor skills and older players (even game store employee aged ones) will spend countless hours messing around with these blocks and letting their imaginations go wild.

We certainly have a lot of new Pokémon stuff this week! The new Steam Siege set came out along with the new Arceus Mythical Pokémon Collection as well as the Charizard EX Red & Blue Collection. With all the renewed interest in Pokémon, this new set along with these promotional card sets are going to be a hit!

Back in stock: Camel Up, Raptor, Brewcrafters, Mice and Mystics