Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Arrivals 9/22/16

by Alexander "Seashell Seller" Smith

Food Chain Magnate is a 2-5 player game about hiring and firing the right people to make your fast food chain flourish. This game is usually incredibly hard to find, Splotter Spellen, the publisher, only make a few hundred copies of their games at a time, and they are sought out by hardcore gamers. We just received four, so if you've been searching for this incredibly rare game, grab it before it's gone!

Covert is a dice allocation game for 2-4 players where you will complete missions by rolling and placing dice on various locations. Players can steal objectives from others by placing a higher die on an objective, but special skills will allow you to subvert your opponents' plans.

Terraforming Mars is a strategic economy and development game for 1-5 players. As competing companies trying to develop the infrastructure needed to support human life on Mars, you will have to gain resources, modify the atmosphere and take on projects that will score you victory points.

Castle Dice is a worker placement game for 1-4 players where your goal is to create the greatest castle. Use your workers to roll dice and gather resources used in the production of your castle. By the end of several rounds, the player that has made the most of their resources and built the best castle wins!

Codenames Pictures is a new game that follows in the footsteps of the original Codenames, players split up into teams and try to guide their teammates to the correct cards by using one word at a time. In this game, instead of trying to get your team to guess which words you want them to pick, you have to get them to choose wacky pictures. This version is just as good as the original...maybe a little bit wackier, but in my mind, that's a good thing.

Twistocity is a wacky tongue-twisting party game. Each player takes a tonguetwister and tries to recite it in a character voice. Pirates, Goblins, Valley'll be hearing these voices stumble over their words in an effort to gain points. We saw this game being played at Washingcon, and it was incredibly entertaining.

Dreamwell is a beautifully illustrated strategy game for 2-4 players where each player must navigate though the dream world to find their lost friend. To find your friend, you must visit certain tiles by moving, rotating and playing cards, but other players will be doing the same and might disrupt your plans. The first one to complete their goal wins!

Pin Point! is a game for 1-6 players where you have to quickly find the original image among the other images that are missing pieces. Made by the same people who make Spot It!, another one of our favorites, we're looking forward to bringing this game to the game classes we do for children at local schools.

Boss Monster Crash Landing is an expansion for Boss Monster that adds new adventurers, rooms, and spells to the game. Try out some of the new characters with this space-themed expansion.

Munchkin Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem is an expansion to the Marvel themed Munchkin game. New Door and Treasure cards depict the struggles of heroes such as Dr. Strange versus the villains encountered thoughout the game.

Specters of Nevermore is an expansion to Nevermore complete with character cards and deluxe tokens. If you love Nevermore like we do, these character cards add a much appreciated twist to the game.

The Resistance: The Plot Thickens is the new expansion for The Resistance that adds two new roles, the Rogue and the Sergeant. Also included is a set of replacement mission cards and a spiffy new mission tracker token. If you bought the first edition of the original game, it also includes the mission cards that were only included in the second edition.

Do you love A Game of Thones? Wish you could spin your own stories of bloody conflict and shadowy intrigue? The rulebook for the A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: A Game of Thones Edition is here to help guide your adventure in Westeros.

New Demos: Flame War, Sapiens, The Gallerist, Terraforming Mars, Castle Dice, Rococo, Flick Em Up, Deception, The Bloody Inn

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Arrivals 9/15/2016

By Alexander "Fastball.exe" Smith

Rococo is a Euro deckbuilding card game for 2-5 players where your goal is to use employee cards to buy resources, create lavish decorations, and hire new employees. Picking the right employees is essential because not every employee is up for every task. At the end of seven rounds, you count up the prestige points gained from your employees, decorations, and clothing. This is the kind of game where you're given a lot of choices and you want to do them all, but can't. That's not a bad thing, though; it just means you'll want to play more!

Medici is a bidding game for 2-6 players designed by famous board game designer Reiner Knizia. Players take turns flipping over up to three commodity cards and begin bidding against opponents to secure the goods for themselves. Running out of money or filling your ship too early will keep you out of the bidding for future items, so make sure you don't get too greedy!

Baseball Highlights 2045 is a futuristic baseball game for 2 or 4 players that also has a solo mode. You don't need to like baseball or robots to like this game, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Players take turns playing cards to threaten runs or cancel your opponent's plays. After six rounds of this, you count up the cards you've used and buy new players. How you build your team is up to you, and will change how you play future rounds.

Loony Quest is a wacky adventure game for 2-5 players where you must draw pathways on a transparent sheet and see how the path you traced matches up against power-ups, treasures, and monsters on the various game boards. If you've played another one of our favorites, Doodle Quest, you'll know that having a good eye can be the difference between finding a pile of treasure and being beaten by monsters.

Castle Flutterstone is a 2-4 player dexterity game for kids. Fling cloth bats up to the different floors of the castle and move your pawn up the steps. First one to the top wins! We've really liked a lot of the other games by this game company, so we have high expectations for Castle Flutterstone.

For all you Magic: The Gathering fans out there, Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis is here! These two 60-card decks are a great way to jump right into a game with a friend while experiencing the epic confrontation between two planeswalkers. Each deck has unique art versions of powerful cards such as Doom Blade and Crop Rotation, as well as alternate art versions of the titular planeswalkers, making the set very attractive to players looking to modify existing decks.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Arrivals 9/7/2016

By Alexander "Dice Pilferer" Smith

Thief's Market is a game for 3-5 players by local game designer and creator of Get Bit!, Dave Chalker. Roll the dice to see what valuables are up for grabs and become the most infamous thief by cleverly claiming loot, hiring goons, and gaining notoriety. Stealing treasure from your friends has never been so fun!

Junk Art is a stacking game for 2-6 players. Each round, players will choose one of the cards offered to them by their neighbor and add the corresponding piece to their pile. There are 10 game modes, so if you are looking for a different play experience, there are many ways to play.

The Dragon' & Flagon is a hectic fantasy bar brawl for 2-8 rowdy adventurers. Flip tables, cast spells and take a swig of the magical elixir to become even more powerful in this free-for-all tavern tussle.

America is a trivia party game for 2-6 players by Friedmann Friese where players must guess the year and location of famous events and people from American history. Show off your knowledge or pick up new interesting tidbits in this fun party game.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a game for 1-4 players where you get jobs, buy items, and raise a family. If you've been looking for a way to transition your family from Life to other games, The Pursuit of Happiness might be the ticket.

The Big Book of Madness is a game for 2-5 players where you play as young witches and wizards who must fight monsters and reseal them in an enchanted book. Players work together as they add cards to their decks to learn and cast spells and fight the monsters that emerge from the pages.

Dead of Winter: The Long Night is the standalone expansion to Dead of Winter. 2-5 players must work together and guide survivors to accomplish both group and personal goals. This edition has different optional rules that you can add to the game for a different play experience.

J'Accuse! is a game where 3-6 players have all worked together to murder someone, but only one will be arrested. Foist evidence onto your opponents to draw away the suspicion of the inspector...if it's enough to convict them, you're off the hook!

Flag Dash is a fast board game version of the classic "Capture the Flag" played by 2-4 players. Secretly plan out moves and use special powers to get to your opponent's flag while guarding your own. This game might be small, but it has a lot of strategy to it and I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of it on your table.

Jukem Soccer and Jukem Football are both two player card games where players take turns dealing cards and making offensive plays while the opponent tries to hinder your progress. Seemingly simple, these games are quick to play and victory is dependent on your ability to read your opponent.

Logic Labyrinth is a puzzle card game for 2-4 players in which you must match up the pathways on the cards dealt to you. The faster you're able to complete the path, the more treasure you'll get. We've played this a few times at the store, and we've been having a lot of fun frantically trying use all the cards.

Pizza Party is a straightforward two player dice rolling game where you mush match the faces of your dice with the toppings on the pizza card. Quickly assessing what toppings you have and what toppings you still need to roll is key in this game. Collect the most slices of pizza to win!

The Heroes of Kaskaria is a game for 2-4 young heroes looking to reclaim the magic amulet from the wicked trolls. Players will lay down action cards to advance their pieces by land and air towards the troll lair and rescue stolen treasure. The player with the most treasure wins!

Dragon Rapid Fire and the Fire Crystals is a simple roll and move where 2-4 young dragons try to collect the most crystals as they fly down the path. Similar to Unicorn Glitterluck, this game introduces whirlwinds that change what paths become available. A great first game for young ones.

Smart Car 5x5 is the updated version of the Smart Car puzzle game for kids. This version adds a 5th piece to use in solving puzzles and cuts out the often confusing challenge of aligning eyes on the pieces of the car. This is a great way to build puzzle solving skills in young players.

Magic Feathers is a matching game for 2-5 young players. Players guide a feather to face down tiles, trying to make a match. This game is great for developing memory as well as coordination.

Young Centurions is a FATE Accelerated roleplaying setting based on Spirit of the Century. Dive into the adventure of the 1910s by discovering ancient artifacts, stopping mad scientists, or solving neighborhood mysteries. This book makes roleplaying fun and easy.

Tome of Beasts is a supplemental monster compendium for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and is published by Kobold Press. Add dangerous and exotic monsters to your sessions and spice up your campaigns. These monsters really give a DM a wide variety of options and challenges, and I'm eager to try some of them out in my campaigns.

The ritual has been completed and now the 7th edition of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game has been unleashed. Investigate the unknowable horrors that lie beyond the realm of human comprehension. With your friends. And this book. And the chanting...oh, the chanting...

We've gotten a slew of cool new stuff for the Pokémon trading card game! We now have the Generations Elite Trainer Box, the Mythical Pokémon Collection - Victini, and the Red & Blue Collection: Pikachu EX sets. I can't stress how amazing everyone here thinks the art on the new Pikachu EX card is, but you'd expect nothing less of the iconic Pokémon mascot.

New demos: Thief's Market, Logic Labyrinth, Young Centurions, Guilty as Charged, Dead of Winter: The Long Night