Friday, November 25, 2016

New Arrivals 11/25/2016

by Alexander "Babe Reminiscent" Smith

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to crack open an exciting new boardgame to play with your friends and family. Take a look at all the new games we've received this week, there will certainly be lots of cool things for you and your loved ones.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth is a new boardgame for 1-5 players that follows the events of the 1986 cult movie classic. Players will work together to keep their willpower up as they navigate through the titular labyrinth and face Jared, the goblin king. The miniatures in this game are absolutely amazing, and anyone who has seen the movie is sure to be impressed.

Black Orchestra is a cooperative game for 1-5 players conspiring to take down Hitler. Players will gather items, evade the Gestapo and perform actions to further their goal. Events will unfurl in a roughly chronological order, each stage of the war presenting it's own unique obstacles for your plot.

New Bedford is a city building worker placement game for 1-4 players. Gather resources and build a thriving whaling town. As you play, your towns will become larger allowing for more options, but the supply of whales will go down, making turning a profit more difficult. The town building mechanic is one of the coolest I've ever seen and definitely worth a look if you like city building games.

Gather a team of the most brilliant minds in history and patent inventions that will shape the world in the new game, Legendary Inventors. 2-5 players will each hire and assign their inventors to different inventions, each adding their skills to the task at hand. Knowing when to use one inventor over another will be key since whomever contributed the most will reap the largest rewards. Put your mind into gear and you'll be on top before you can say, "Eureka!"

Crush your enemies and see them driven before you in the Conan boardgame! One player will take on the role of the opposition while 1-4 others play the role of the heroes. Players will fight their way though scenarios by spending action points to burst though walls, slice though foes, discover treasure, and then slice though more foes with that treasure! Become a barbarian and embrace this epic adventure!

Last Friday is a slasher film in boardgame form. Echoing the movie Friday the 13th, one player will take on the role as undying psychopath while 1-5 other players flee in terror. Play though your own B horror movie with your friends in this bone chilling thriller of a game.

We were fortunate enough to playtest The Blood of an Englishman before it even came out, and while we liked the playtest version, the retail version is so much nicer to look at. Two players square off against each other as either Jack or the Giant as they maneuver cards to make beanstalks that reach various treasures or spell out, "Fee Fi Fo Fum!" This is a challenging two player puzzle game that will have you coming back for more.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Arrivals 11/19/2016

By Alexander "Such Bluff" Smith

Evolution: Climate is the new standalone expansion for one of our favorite games. Anywhere from 2-6 players will use attribute cards to adapt not only predatory opponents, but also a changing climate that will reward some characteristics while punishing others. If you already own the original game, you can buy a smaller conversion pack that adds all the new elements from the expansion to your base game.

Cup of Bluff is a sneaky dice game for 2-5 players. Players will secretly roll dice and take the tile that corresponds to the sum...but only if nobody catches them in a lie. Think you're good at fooling your friends? Then try this game!

Game of Thrones: Iron Throne is a reimpliment of the extremely popular Cosmic Encounter. Between 3-5 players each take on the role of a character from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series in their quest to rule the seven realms. Broker alliances and wrest power away from your enemies using variable special abilities to emerge victorious in this bloody battle of wits and warfare.

Game of Thrones: Hand of the King is a small card game for 2-4 players. Players will try to rally the support of different characters by sending Varys down the rows and columns of cards, collecting all the characters of a single house. Collect the final character in a house to activate special abilities that change from game to game and earn your position as Hand of the King!

Mythe is a game where 2-5 brave young adventurers must recover the sacred cheese that was stolen from the mouse kingdom by an evil dragon. Players will take cards from other players to advance their piece towards the dragon's castle, but if they take an obstacle card they will have to stop. Weigh the risks of taking another card as you embark on your quest to restore the symbol of prosperity to the mouse kingdom!

Ice Cool is a dexterity game where 2-4 penguins will skate around the school trying to pass though doorways, grab fish, and evade the hall monitor. There's something visceral about chasing penguins by flicking them though a high school and the pun in the name is just gravy.

Tuscany: Essential Edition a huge expansion for the wine making boardgame, Viticulture. New visitor cards, asymmetric starting resources, season and special worker meeples will add more dimension to your games. A great pick up for Viticulture fans.

If you like the Pokémon Trading Card Game, we have a lot of new and exciting things for you! Not only do we have the Kangaskhan EX Collection and Gengar EX Collection, but we also have the Alola Collection that features pokémon from the new game like Solgaleo and Lunala.

Just in time for the holidays is the Magic: the Gathering Kaladesh Gift Box. This gift box is not only a handsome way to store your cards, but also a great way to grab five booster packs of the latest set and a promo Chief of the Foundry card. Anyone who loves Magic will love this great gift.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

New Arrivals 11/11/2016

By Alexander "Vincent van Hoax" Smith

Final Touch is a card game for 2-4 art forgers where you must pool different colored paint cards together to recreate a famous painting. Only the player who completes the painting will receive the money, so you might want to try and smear a painting before it can be finished. If you're looking for a fun game to play with friends, pick up your paintbrush and make some forgeries in this game!

Pyramid Arcade is a compilation of games using the iconic Loony Labs pyramids. You'd be amazed at how many games can be played with these simple plastic pieces. With games what can be played by anywhere from 1-10 players, this set of 22 games can be played again and again.

Pop Bottle Science is a fun activity set for young scientists. With this set you can perform all sorts of experiments and projects such as observing a miniature tornado, creating quicksand and even showing how planes fly. If you're looking for a great way to make science fun, check this out!

Love Letter Premium is the definitive version of the classic logic and deduction card game, Love Letter. With quality pieces such as the heart shaped wooden affection tokens and thicker cards, this set looks stunning. Also included in the set are new characters such as the Assassin or the Sycophant allowing you to play up to eight players or try the game with new gameplay.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is the newest Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. You and up to three friends will work together and investigate the hidden terrors of Arkham as you fight the unknown and wrestle with your own personal demons. Don't worry, just when you think you've seen all the unfathomable sights there are to see, there will always be new terrors just around the corner.

The new Magic: the Gathering Commander Decks are here! Featuring all new cards as well as useful reprints, these four-color decks are a great way to jump into the Commander format or rebuild your decks with awesome new creatures and spells. This is also the first time players have been able to play with four-color decks in the Commander format, and it has been a blast so far!

Now's your chance to catch the new Mewtwo EX Collection Box! This collection comes with a regular and oversized version of this legendary psychic Pokémon as well as four booster packs. You'll want to check this set out if you're looking to catch 'em all!

New demos: Inis, Smart Car 5x5, Munchkin Christmas Lite

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Arrivals 11/4/2016

By Alexander "The Pundertaker" Smith

Inis is a Celtic-themed drafting and area control game for 2-4 players where your goal is to become the King of the Island. In order to do so, you must draft a hand of action cards and achieve one of three different goals. While you are able to fight other clans, a wise ruler will also make use of peaceful negotiation to conserve resources.

7 Ronin is an asymmetric, two-player card game that draws inspiration from the famous Japanese historical drama, Seven Samurai. One player defends the village while the other attacks it. Each side has access to special abilities to help reach their objective.

Lost in R'lyeh is a Lovecraftian card game for 2-6 players. Your goal is to escape the cursed city of R'lyeh, where the dreaded Cthulhu slumbers. Each round players will try to get rid of their cards, unlock mighty powers or fill their hand with discarded cards to give them access to the tools they need to escape. 

Potion Explosion is a marble matching game for 2-4 players where you must collect sets of marbles and turn them into potions. Every time you take marbles from the tray, more marbles roll in to fill their place, opening up new possibilities for the next player. If you like games like Bejeweled and want to have fun with your friends in person, this is an amazing experience.

Vinhos Deluxe Edition is the definitive edition of Vinhos, complete with all the expansions, extras, and new art. This 1-4 player game puts you in the role of a Portuguese wine producer who must grow, improve, and sell wine for maximum profit. There is also a single-player variant included in this version, so you'll be able to enjoy the life of a wine producer whenever you want.

Elevenses is a small tea-time card game for 2-4 players. Each player begins with the same cards, but over the course of the game they will select which cards they would like to play and which powers to take advantage of. Placing a card down will sometimes put other cards into your hand, so you'll have to plan your morning tea carefully in this cute little game.

Punderdome is the pun-filled party card game I have been dying to wordplay. Prepare to groan as all your friends take two prompts and craft amazing and terrible puns (often both at the same time.) If you can take the punishment of hearing groan-inducing puns with your friends, this card game is aces.

OUghGAA aaREnnj...excuse me, I mean, Mouthguard Challenge is a silly party game where you must get other players to guess your secret phrase while your mouth is held open. It's a tougher than it looks, and it looks sillier than you can imagine. You'll be in for a smile, forced or not, when you play this fun party game.

Cheeky Monkey is a fun little animal-themed push your luck game for 2-6 players. We couldn't not get this game after how much our manager Evan was raving about it, and it's a good thing we did! Each time you reach into the plush monkey bag, you'll be risking all your chips, but you might be able to steal a few from your friends before you decide to call it a day. Lots of fun, definitely a great game for risk-takers.

Mansions of Madness: Suppressed Memories is the new figure and tile expansion to the Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition game. With a new scenario to survive, this expansion offers Mansions players horrifying new secrets to uncover.

7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon is the new expansion for the two player 7 Wonders: Duel. Sway deities to your side for powerful bonuses throughout the game and play and invest in new temple cards that replace the guilds of the original game. This expansion does an excellent job at creating an exciting new variant that is steeped in mythology.

Volo's Guide to Monsters is the latest Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook to hit the shelves. With tons of new monsters and playable races, this source book is sure to make your adventure stand out. Also, we've been using the charts in the book to find out what our hag names are! I'm Driftwood Mathilda Titchwillow, so you know.

If you play the A Game of Thrones: the Card Game, we have the new Lannister deluxe expansion, Lions of Casterly Rock, waiting for you. Bolster your forces with some of the most renowned faces in the realm, as well as cunning plots and grand locations.

The new Android: Netrunner datapack, Intervention, has arrived. It adds a full playset of 20 new cards for corporations and runners of all factions. Leverage your assets and technical prowess during the temporary collapse of the world banking system with these new cards.

New demos: Cheeky Monkey