Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Arrivals 1/1/2017

by Alexander "Spam Programmer" Smith

It's been a busy winter so far, and we have tons of new games here at Labyrinth. Take a look at some of our most recent additions and see if there's something for you. Which games are you most looking forward to playing in the new year?

Phase is a card game for 2-5 players that was originally offered as the mystery game in the AEG Black Box this year. You will have to make clever use of your cards because each card you play is double-sided and can flip to reveal a new champion with distinct abilities. How you make use of your cards and knowing when to flip them will mean the difference between victory and defeat in this strategic game.

Grifters is a hand management game for 2-4 players set in the same world as The Resistance and Coup. Players will play specialist cards from their hands to steal money, complete objectives, and grow your criminal organization. We had a customer ask for this game, and after seeing it played, we saw how cool it was and decided to keep it in stock.

Robo Rally just received a brand new version that improves on the classic. This family robot programming game for 2-6 players is all about selecting cards to program a path for your robot while avoiding traps and enemies. The biggest changes from the 1994 version are that now each player has their own deck and instead of player elimination, robots are given 'spam' cards to shuffle into their deck that will make them move unexpectedly.

221B Baker Street Deluxe Edition is the definitive edition for long time fans and new sleuths alike. With 200 mysteries compared to the original 20, a new colorful board, and metal tokens, this version will be a delight for the 2-6 detectives who bring this game to the table.

Alchemists: King's Golem is a a four-in-one expansion that adds new elements to the base game of Alchemists. With special rules such as busy days, startup funding, the golem project and the royal encyclopedia, this expansion revitalizes the play experience and dramatically changes the game as one might change lead into gold.

New Bedford: Rising Tide is the expansion to the recent and popular whaling boardgame, New Bedford. With more ships, more tiles for the town, and even enough pieces for a fifth player, this is a great way to add a little something extra to this already great game.

The Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game has two new ships, the U-Wing and the TIE Striker. With all the excitement from the new Rogue One movie, these ships will help relive the excitement of the silver screen in your own home as well as provide valuable resources for customizing your squad for battle.

New Demos: Robo Rally, Robinson Crusoe

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Arrivals 12/10/2016

by Alexander "TWO Black Holes" Smith

Starfall is a light bidding game for 2-4 players where your goal is to discover astronomical bodies and claim them before your opponents can. Depending on what is visible in the night sky, your strategy might change. For example, a black hole might be negative points if you only have one, but a second might actually tip the value in your favor.

Sola Fide: The Reformation is a two player card game about Martin Luther and the schism in the Catholic church started in 1517. Created by Jason Matthews, a D.C. area local and co-designer of the critically acclaimed Twilight Struggle, this game is surprisingly informative with cards that represent people and events influential during this period in history.

Don't Mess With Cthulhu is a social deduction game for 4-6 players. Unfortunately, nobody listens to the title in this game, because messing with Cthulhu is what this game is all about. Some players will be investigators while others are cultists trying to summon the dreaded creature and it's your job to discretely figure out who is on your side and who is not.

Nautilion is a 1-2 player dice game that follows in the footsteps of other Oniverse games such as Castellion and Sylvion. In this game you must sail in your submarine to gather crewmates that will grant you special powers while keeping ahead of the phantom submarine that will whittle away your options. The game also includes several expansions that expand the game with extra crewmates, powers, and challenges.

Citadels isn't a new game, but it is certainly one of my personal favorites. Recently released is the new edition of the game that totally revamps this classic 2-8 player drafting game. With new characters, buildings, and artwork, this version feels like a brand new game. Whether you fell in love with the original or wanted to see what all the excitement was about, now is a perfect time to experience this gem of a game.

Scythe: Invaders From Afar is the expansion to the hit of the season, Scythe. With this, you can add two extra players to your game up to a total of seven. We've had a lot of people express interest in this expansion for some time now. Apparently the only thing better than having five people protect farmers with giant mechs is having seven people protect farmers with giant mechs.

Martial Law is the name of the newest datapack for the Android: Netrunner Living Card Game. With new cards for each faction, this pack with augment your decks and allow for new and interesting interactions in the high-tech future of cybercrime.

Experience the highest levels of competitive play with the 2016 Pokémon World Championships Decks! Pilot the decks played by the masters and try archetypes you wouldn't normally be able to without making a major investment in all the expensive cards
with this extremely cool collection.

This week we have also received even more LEGO! In addition to boltering the Minecraft, Marvel Super Heroes, and Ninjago lines, we've added new LEGO sets such as Nexo Nights, City, Classic, Duplo, DC Super Hero Girls, Star Wars, Minifigures, and more! We even have a really cool Star Wars advent calendar that has a new model for each day leading up to Christmas...and I won't lie, two co-workers have already bought them for themselves!

Back in stock: Scythe, Kodama, Robinson Crusoe

Friday, December 2, 2016

New Arrivals 12/2/2016

by Alexander "" Smith

After months of working to get them into the store, we now carry LEGO products! At the moment we have sets from the Friends, DC Comics Super Heroes, Minecraft, and Ninjago lines, and this is only the beginning. We also have the LEGO Medium Creative Brick Box if you're looking to jump right into freeform building.

Pandemic: Iberia is the newest Pandemic game where 2-5 players cure illnesses in 1848 Spain and Portugal. This version changes the game by introducing the players to purified water distribution and various different modes of travel. Variants included with the game will give the viruses special powers or use cubes to represent patients flocking towards hospitals. This is certainly a welcome addition to any Pandemic fan's collection.

Blood Bowl is a game of high-fantasy football played between one player and their team of humans and another player with their team of orcs. Blood Bowl has been around since 1986 in various forms, but this newest version presents a incredibly honed set of rules to guide these beautiful Games Workshop models on the field.

New Angeles is the latest large boardgame from the Android universe in which 4-6 players take on the roles of rival megacorporations in their bid to run the bustling city of New Angeles. Players will leverage their special abilities to gain political and financial advantage throughout the city, but unless they meet the many needs of this futuristic megapolis, crime and civil unrest may surge and ruin the city.

Trekking the National Parks is a game for 2-6 people that guides players through the National Parks of the United States. Players will use trek cards to travel from location to location, with the first to reach each new location earning for themselves the park's stone marker. Visit as many parks as you can to gain points and win!

Hounded is a two player game where one player plays as a hunter and his dogs while the other becomes the crafty fox trying to escape. Players will maneuver their pieces around the board, flipping over tiles and seeing what effects lie in store. Some tiles will trap the fox and allow the hunter to move all their pieces while others will bring the fox closer to victory. Fast and fun, make sure to try this one out.

Istanbul: Letters and Seals is the new expansion to Istanbul. Add new elements to your game such as letters that can be delivered to their recipients or traded as a secret in the black market. Istanbul has always been a fantastic game, and this expansion reinforces some of the mechanics we loved best in the original.

If you haven't heard yet, Star Wars Destiny is the hottest new collectible card and dice to hit the shelves. Pit two characters from the Star Wars universe against each other as they roll dice to shoot blasters and swing lightsabers. Players can use booster packs to add cards and dice to their collection and change their strategey. Roll up and use the Force!

The new Pokémon Mythical Collection: Meloetta is here! Add this legendary singing pokémon to your collection as well as two Generations boosters and a special pin. This is the final Mythical Collection for the year, so if you've been collecting them all, this is the last piece of the puzzle!

There Is My Claim is the name of the newest expansion for the A Game of Thrones Living Card Game. Add a fell set of twenty new cards as you battle for control of Westeros and control of the Iron Throne. There will be something for everyone in this pack, so make sure to check it out.

New Demos: Walls and Warriors, Trekking the National Parks