Monday, December 18, 2017

Kid's D&D Session Report 12/10 - The Alchemist's Repose, Welcome to the Dungeon Pt. 2

This past Sunday, we had another two fantastic sessions with our young adventurers. Many of them were returning members of the Guild of Heroes, with characters from our ongoing D&D campaign for players as young as 9 and as old as 15. We had two quests for the twelve heroes, run by our DMs Joe and Camilla.

Our next session on Dec 31st, has filled entirely, but on that afternoon signups will open for the following January 28th session, so stay tuned!

DM Camilla - The Alchemist's Repose (The Sundrop Isles)
Though the northern Isles of Niln run chilly this time of year, a party of six set out for the warmer Sundrop Isles, seeking a rare plant known as the Twilight Inkberry. They were the druid Zara, the clerics Dain Ironfoot and Waffles, two Rogues, Orryn and Grasseater, and Blackhorn O’Slay, a barbarian. The plan was rumored to have magical properties, and a few questions in a small port town led them through a jungle to a dark tunnel leading underground. Their guide told them that beneath the earth lay the lair of a forgotten alchemist who had previously cultivated the plant.

Investigating, they found two steel doors, engraved with arcane symbols. Inside, they were set upon by grasping vines which would bind and crush any who ventured further. The party worked together, experimenting before they discovered that the plants could be repelled with flame. Heading straight forwards, they discovered a magical barrier sealing off a library behind. Orryn discovered the barrier would disintegrate all it touched before cleverly determining how to deactivate it. As he investigated the rest of the party repelled a massive hammer-handed construct, wrought from iron. The machinery destroyed by a careful shot, they threw it into the barrier, fizzling it to nothing.

Further exploration led Waffles, Zara, and Orryn to a cave overtaken by myconids, a peaceful yet defensive species of fungal intelligence. Though some of the party leapt to attack, Blackhorn o’Slay led cooler heads to prevail, and the party secured passage through their territory, coming upon a workshop where one construct repaired another, explaining their apparent lack of controller. Further down the hallway past another hammer-handed foe, a poison-trapped door blocked their progress. Trying the same strategy as he used to bypass the magical barrier, Orryn began chipping away at the stone next to the doorway.

Others explored elsewhere, discovering a bedchamber covered in strange sweet-smelling flowers, with a sleeping figure beneath a bed of vines. Their efforts to remove him only resulted in an onslaught of debilitating pollen, while the clutching vines rebuffed even the strength of the Dragonborn cleric Waffles. A powerful explosion served to destroy the plants, but the rest of the contents of the room met the same fate.

Meanwhile, Dain began to clear the foyer of vines, creating a path for a speedy exit. Orryn and Zara created a small enough chink for the druid, shapeshifted to an ant, to crawl in, discovering the alchemist’s lab. Within were books and equipment, along with a cabinet where the Twilight Inkberry could be seen, just out of reach behind another magical barrier. When the switch in the library seen before was deactivated again, they snatched the plant, along with seeds and cultivation instructions they found, and set off, returning to the Guild with a little more than they expected!

DM Joe - Welcome to the Dungeon Pt. 2 (Fort Stonespur, The Isles of Niln)
Heroes from the Guild set out to explore more of the hallways under Fort Stonespur. With the stairs blocked by fallen rocks, they made a detour into a series of caverns, which turned out to be full of hostile kobolds. Aelin, Celena, and Rowan set off in one direction, battling hordes of kobolds in maze-like passages, while Al’Zander, Jeff, and Norixius took another path and crossed a treacherous bridge across a pit of scorpions, while winged kobolds attacked them from above and sorcerers threw wind and fire at them. Meeting up with each other at a massive doorway, Celena pried the lock open only to find a horribly mutated giant locked inside. The adventurers’ weapons seemed to have no effect on the monster, and in the end they were forced to flee past it into the elvish ruins. While Chicken, Al’Zander’s owl familiar, bravely sacrificed himself to distract the giant, the rest of the group escaped using an old teleportation circle similar to the one they found in a previous adventure.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 12/7/2017

New Arrivals and Restocks: December 7th

With the Holiday season well underway we're practically drowning in new arrivals!

New Minis!

A massive new wave of Deep Cuts and Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures has arrived! Over 50 new varieties have shown up, with new race/class combinations--including our first Dragonborn minis--and some truly stupendous monsters, including the much-anticipated Mimics and the massive Beholder.

 Alien Artifacts

 Explore the depths of space and vye for interstellar supremacy in this tightly-crafted 4X game. Each turn, decide how to spend limited resources to build new ships, research new tech, and discover new worlds. A wonderful game of exploration and strategy.


Illimat is a striking new game inspired by the album art of the Decemberists. A brooding, black-and-white cardgame, every peice of the game is pure art, from the cloth play mat to the cards, and a blast to play.

 Battle for Rokugan

Battle for Rokugan is a gorgeous strategy game in the vein of Risk or Diplomacy, set in the world of Rokugan, home of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG. For a fan of strategy games or the card game, this is an excellent pickup.

 Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Continuing in the strategy vein is the newest expansion for Scythe. Take to the skies in the mighty, massive airships, and engage in complex political maneuvers with your opponents. Adds a whole new dimension--literally--to the base game!

 Baker Street Role Playing Game

Sherlock Holmes is missing and presumed dead, but Victorian London still abounds with fiendish mysteries that someone must crack--and that someone is you! With a deep investigation system, Baker Street is the Sherlock Holmes RPG you've been waiting for.

Magic the Gathering: UNSTABLE!

Monstrous apes! Mad scientists! Insanity abounds in the new UNSTABLE RELEASE! A tremendous blast to play. Come join some of our drafts!

 Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

We just got a big restock of all our most popular science kits. An excellent gift for the bright young spark in your life!

 New X-Wing Minis

 We've recieved a bunch of new X-Wing miniatures with which to enhance your fleet, including the elite Alpha-class, the sinister TIE Silencer, and the stalwart Resistance Bomber. 

Majesty: For The Realm

In Majesty, you and your friends will fight to build the greatest kingdoms the world has ever seen! Build buildings and place workers--everything from the highest prince to the lowliest miller will earn you victory points. Plan your moves wisely and rise to dominance.

 Felicity: The Cat in the Sack

This cute new release pits you against your friends in a cat-themed betting and bluffing game. What's in the sack? A purring little fuzzball or a hissing, angry hellion? It might not even be a cat at all!


A new entry for the solo player. A solitare-style game where you've gotta sort all your work projects before you can go home! Carefully ration your coffee and sweets to power through the task at hand and Finish!


The realm of Kingsburg is in dire straights--monstrous invaders are surging over the border seeking to despoil the land, and chaos lurks around the corner! The King has appointed you, the players, to govern the border provinces and serve as the wall against which the invaders shall crash. Build infrastucture, generate and invest resources, and influence the King's advisors to raise your province to prominence! 

 Spirit Island

You've played Settlers of Catan--now meet its opposite! In Spirit Island, you play as mighty spirits of the land, working together with each other and the native Islanders to repel the invading settlers. A deeply strategic cooperative game. 

Lego, Lego, Lego!

Last but not least, we can't forget Lego! We recieved more than a PALLET of Lego this week, so we've got enough to go around! A timeless favorite, and a wonderful gift for all ages.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Kid's D&D Session Report: A Sticky Situation, Welcome to the Dungeon, and The Sundrop Isles

This past Sunday, we celebrated the arrival of our newest adventurers from the Guild of Heroes. The Guild of Heroes is our ongoing D&D campaign for players as young as 9 and as old as 15. Over the day we had eighteen characters, some of them fully customized by their players with skills, spells, and stories of their choosing! The adventurers set out on three missions. Below are the reports from each of the DMs, Camilla, Joe, and Yoni.

The program was hugely popular, with another half dozen adventurers choosing to join the Guild, and almost immediately filling the sign-ups for Dec 10th. In response to that demand, we have opened up more games on Dec 31st, with registrations on Eventbrite here as usual.

DM Camilla - A Sticky Situation (The Isles of Niln)
The Isles of Niln
As winter began to set on the Isles of Niln, a group of adventurers set out from Fort Stonespur. They were Kafin the half-elf bard, Zealious Norixius the dragonborn wizard, and four elves: Zara the druid, Berrian the ranger, Theirastra the wizard, and Sauron, also a wizard. They trekked through the snow to the Sapwoods, where a small settlement of syrupers had called for aide to locate their missing comrades. After discussing the situation with those who remained, the party moved into the woods, seeking a handful of workers, as well as the merchant who ran the operation, the last to go missing along with two imperial soldiers. They followed a circling path that threaded from syrup tap to syrup tap.

In the forest, they encountered hostile wildlife, twig blights from the forest who were attacking those who were cutting it down. Though the creatures were weak, and aggressive, the party showed compassion towards them, including a bard who befriended a blight whose branches were adorned with recent sprouts and blossoms. Journeying deeper, the forest bore the same strange changes, with trees sprouting leaves, grass sticking up out of the still falling snow, and more. The corridor of snow-covered green wasn’t unoccupied though, and a swarm of small lizards fell upon the party, threading in between them with sticky threads trailing behind them. They defended themselves, and buried the fallen animals before making camp. Their investigations found another patch of green where the threads were numerous, and there were signs of something large being dragged away. During this hike, one wizard named Sauron took great interest in the threads, particularly as they froze overnight, and confirmed the strength of their sedative properties.

These tracks led the party to a remote hut, home of one Malzebrooke, a druid the syrupers mentioned during a previous conversation. The party’s druid approached alone, learning the elder druid had seen a fire giant pass through the woods, melting the snow and creating the false spring. She had discovered syrupers bound to trees in the amber, and recognized it as the natural defense of the Sapdragons, putting a name to the previous encounter. The Merchant Vylnon, once the missing number threatened the profit of his enterprise had come out, and threatened to kill her, refusing to listen to her explanation. Transforming into a dire bear, she chased them away, unfortunately taking refuge in the same cave where she had been tending to the comatose laborers.

The Wizard Theirastra put two trigger-happy soldiers into a magical slumber, saving the party a snowy and bolt ridden slog up to the hill-side cave where they had encamped. Once inside, the party was able to free those encased, and return them to their friends at the settlement. Vylnon, did not fare so well, his anger and aggression being returned with a gag. Freed from their servitude, the syrupers chose to return with the party, offering to help rebuild the ruins of Fort Stonespur.

DM Joe - Welcome To The Dungeon (Fort Stonespur, The Isles of Niln)

Joe pointing towards the battle
When the Guild’s new quartermaster, Argenta, heard rumors of magical artifacts under Fort Stonespur, she set off into the tunnels by herself. Days later, there was no sign of her and an emergency search party was assembled. The rogue Grasseater, druid Eldan Oakenheel, clerics Logan and Drawfinsitination (known to his friends as Draw), and wizards Caelyn and al’Zender set forth to explore the dark passages and rescue Argenta from whatever danger had befallen her.

Under Fort Stonespur, the party found the remnants of an ancient elvish fortress that fell to giant attacks more than a thousand years ago. Makeshift barricades and the remnants of the fortress armory still showed signs of the ancient battle. The floor was coated in dust, but Caelyn saw tracks from something (or someone) being dragged across it recently. Following the tracks into a crumbling great hall, the adventurers encountered some bizarre and misshapen creatures that appeared to be made of an ooze-like substance. The monsters were easily dispatched, but none of the group had ever encountered or heard of creatures like these.

In an old kitchen, the adventurers mostly found cobwebs and empty shelves, but they spotted a couple of bottles that Drawfinsitination was able to identify as healing potions. Unfortunately, nobody spotted the danger that was lurking above them. When most of the group walked into an old banquet hall and Logan made his way back to the great hall, they were set upon by the giant cave spiders that made those webs! Al’zender and Grasseater stood on the front lines and squashed several ravenous bugs, and Logan was entangled in webs, but bravely fought alone against one of the spiders until the rest of the party could lend their support.

Finally, the group found Argenta, who had been trapped in a malfunctioning magical shield and needed someone to retrieve the key to disarm the device. Argenta described the slimy creatures encountered earlier as “troglodytes” and said she suspected one of them of taking the piece she needed. When Caelyn used their magic to track down the missing key, everyone was drawn into battle with more troglodytes. The filthy ooze that spawned the troglodytes joined the battle, but Eldan used his powers to transform into a tiger and protect the rest of the group from the ooze. Just when Eldan seemed in danger of being consumed by acidic slime, the two wizards burned him free with their magic and Drawfinsitination finished the beast off with a mighty Guiding Bolt.

With the danger gone, Argenta was freed from her prison. Meanwhile, al’Zender and Caelyn identified the circle she had been trapped in as an ancient elvish teleportation circle, though the destination seemed to be broken or disabled. Fortunately, Logan made some progress in clearing out a massive staircase and finding a way deeper into the dungeon.

After being rescued, Argenta resumed her position as quartermaster of the Guild of Heroes. She offered to study any magical artifacts the heroes find on their quests, and even repair devices like the magic shield so they can be used to aid adventurers in the future.

DM Yoni (The Sundrop Isles)
Yoni mimicking a skeletal ogre
While sailing from Jotunheim to Niln to join the Guild of Heroes, the adventurers were captured by dwarf pirates. They awoke in a cell inside a cold stone dungeon. Escaping the cell, they explored parts of the dungeon, fighting numerous goblins, some dire rats, a few kobolds, and even a guard drake. They also fought their way through a chessboard with living stone statues. Badly bruised, they came upon the Dread Captain Bonebeard and his crew of skeletons. Acting swiftly, they managed to distract the pirates enough to escape, and set sail once more for Niln. Guild-related heroism awaits!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/29/2017

New Arrivals and Restocks: November 29th

A huge influx of stuff has arrived over the last week! Take a look:

Dominion: Nocturne

Indulge your inner creature of the night with Dominion: Nocturne! With over 500 new cards, it's sure to make any Dominion fan howl!

Time Stories: Estrella Drive


Time Police: get ready for your close-up. Something's rotten in 1980s Hollywood, and it's up to you to root it out. And...Action!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Chrysanthemum Throne

The fourth Dynasty Pack for the newly rereleased LOFR LCG! Be sure to pick it up in preparation for our upcoming tournament on December 9th!


 The new Fantasy Flight RPG, Genesys takes the Star Wars RPG system and ports it to be compatible with any setting you please. We also have new dice to go with it!

When I Dream

A lovely game of hints and dreams. A mix of Dixit and Dreams with some Codenames thrown in. Sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering!

Wasteland Express 

Even in the Mad Max future, people need deliveries! Build your Wasteland Delivery Company, brave bloodthirsty raiders, and keep driving.

Magic Maze 

The beloved staff favorite has returned! In this unique, real-time game of heist, the players must work together to move everything around--but without a word spoken! Huge fun.

Near and Far 

Another favorite has also returned! Brave adventurers wanted! In this spiritual successor to Above and Below, build your party, earn a reputation, and set out for wild frontiers! 

 Game of Thrones: Catan

Man the Wall! In this new stand-alone Catan game, the players take on the role of Commanders of the Night Watch, develop their townships in the Gift, and fight off the Wildlings. Do well and win the title of Lord Commander!

Civilization: A New Dawn

Lead your Civilization from darkness into the light of a New Dawn! Based on the beloved PC franchise, Civilization lets you take a people all the way from the Stone Age to the modern era, and beyond. Can you build a civilization to stand the test of time? 

Neil Patrick Harris Playing Cards

If you're looking for a stylish stocking-suffer, look no further. Designed with the help of popular actor--and magician--Neil Patrick Harris, not only are these cards gorgeous, but there's a hidden puzzle throughout the deck.

Catan Scenario: Santa Claus

Another excellent stocking suffer. A whole Catan scenario, conveniently contained within a Christmas card!


Transparent plastic building blocks, held together with magnets. A wonderful gift for anyone who likes to build or fidget.


Last but not least is Azul! One of Kathleen's new favorites, this highly strategic and gorgeous game has you competing to lay the greatest tile arrangements in Portugal! A wonderful gift.

That's all for this week. Look forward to next week as the Holiday Season begins in earnest!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/15/2017

New Arrivals and Restocks: November 15th;

A lot of highly anticipated releases this week! Check them out:


 The game we've all be waiting for is finally here! Live the excitement of the adventuring life in this gorgeous D&D deck-building game! Choose your race, your class, and develop your skills as you evade traps, battle monstrous foes, and claim your magical booty. A thrill!

Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

When it comes to massive space-opera strategy games of war, peace and politics, accept no substitutes: Twilight Imperium is king. The new edition lets you guide one of SEVENTEEN factions in their quest to claim the throne of Galactic Emperor.  

 Legend of the Five Rings: For Honor and Glory

Another new pack for the new edition of Legend of the Five Rings. Seize honor, win glory!

 Xanathar's Guide to Everything

 Technically, Xanathar's released last Friday, but it sold out instantly. So we might as well announce the restock here! With new spells, new items, tons of new tools for a DM to use, and over thirty new subclasses, this is a must-get for the enthusiastic DM or player!

Time Barons

 Returning to print after some time away, it's Time Barons! Take control of one of the mysterious, manipulative Barons, and guide the world from the shadows to fight your rivals for total control! If you've ever wanted to play as the Illuminati, this is your chance!

Harvest Dice

If you feel the call of the soil, Harvest Dice can help you scratch that itch. Grow veggies and feed your pig in this dice drafting game--but keep an eye on the markets, or you might find yourself with a pile of worthless produce!

Magic the Gathering: Iconic Masters

(On Sale This Friday - 11/17)

For the Magic player, casual or competitive, or even just collectors, you can't miss the new Iconic Masters release. Wizards has reprinted dozens of legendary, iconic cards from across Magic history, including plenty that were nearly impossible to grab. Plus, there's a foil in every pack! We've also gotten some themed sleeves, deck protectors, and playmats, so you can protect your new goods in style. Releases on Friday!

New Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh

These are also releasing on Friday, and they haven't arrived just yet, so no pictures until they do. But we'll have a huge array of new Pokemon products, including the Premium Trainer's XY Collection, the World Championships Deck, and the Shining Legends Collector Chest. And for you Duel Monsters players, the Spirit Warriors BD and the Kaiba Collector Box will be available!


Finally, a happy announcement: Santorini has returned to Labyrinth! Lots of you have been asking after it, and here it is. Fun and extremely cute!

And that's what's new this week at Labyrinth. Come down and see!

Friday, November 10, 2017

New Arrivals 11/10/2017

New Arrivals and Restocks, November 10th

Winter weather has finally arrived. Stay cozy inside with one of our new arrivals!

New Unlock Trilogy

Explore a haunted house, escape a predatory giant squid, and find hidden treasure in these three new self-contained Unlock scenarios. From beginner-friendly to fiendishly difficult, there's something here for every Escape the Room fan!

Legend of the Five Rings: Tears of Amaterasu

Return to Rokugan with the first pack of the Living Card Game rerelease of the classic CCG.

Tiny Epic Galaxies & Quest

Old favorites return with our restock of Tiny Epic Galaxies and Tiny Epic Quest. Extremely cute, extremely fun.

New Playmats

We've got what you're looking for in playmats-- from serious and sober blacks to rainbows, kittens, and even the legendary Three Wolf Moon.

Magic the Gathering Duel Deck: Merfolk vs Goblins

The new duel decks are here! Perfect for casual play, these decks are super fun to pick up and try out against each other, or experimenting on your own.

Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham

Streets of Madness is the first expansion for 2E Mansions of Madness to break from 1E and bring something brand-new to the table, with new locations, scenarios, and horrible things from beyond the stars. See that which man was not meant to know! A must-get for any Lovecraft fan.

 Secret Hitler 

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! Much-requested long-awaited, Secret Hitler is finally available. Defend your fledgling democracy from the insidious forces of facism--or undermine it from within. Tons of fun for grown-up gamers.

Children's Activity Books

Finally, for our smaller fans, we've got two new books to keep them entertained (and quiet) on family trips. An engaged kid is a happy kid!