Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Arrivals 3/28/2017

by Alexander "Smarter Than A Rock" Smith

Box of Rocks is a trivia game that pits any number of human contestants against...a box of rocks! Each question has an answer of zero, one, or two, and the marks on the rocks will randomly provide such an answer. Can you get more questions correct than them? We played this game in the store, and I was pleasantly surprised at how the theme made us more invested in winning a trivia game...against a box of rocks. Light, humorous, and accessible enough for a group of any size, this will be a game you talk about long after you're done with it.

Watson & Holmes is a deduction murder mystery for 2-7 players featuring the adventures of the titular Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sleuthing duo. An innovative bidding mechanic has players expend carriage cards to inspect the various locales of Victorian London, gathering clues and trying to unravel the larger mysteries held in the game. There have been a number of very good Sherlock Holmes games, but Watson & Holmes shows that there is more to being the world's greatest detective than clandestine logic.

Hot Seat is an adult part game that takes cues from Dixit and Cards Against Humanity. Each round, one player is put in the hot seat and answers a question in secret. Each other player writes down an answer to fool the others into choosing their fake answer. After all the answers are pooled together, everyone must try to correctly guess the real answer. If you're looking for an adult party game, but want something with more creativity and opportunities for deception, this is your game.

Mole Rats in Space is a cooperative kids game for 2-4 players. Play as a team of mole rat astronauts trying to get off a snake-infested space station and onto an escape pod. Follow instruction cards as you gather up helpful pieces of equipment, avoid snakes, and scurry to safety together. When you've conquered the game, add in the special challenge cards for extra entertainment!

Getting more roleplaying miniatures into the store is something that Kathleen has been threatening for a long time, and now we finally have some amazing new ones! Deep Cuts Pathfinder Miniatures and Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures are some of the nicest pre-primered plastic miniatures for fantasy roleplaying out there. If you've wanted to add player and monster figures to your dungeon crawling adventure, now is the time to find your party and the foes they might face!

Tales From the Yawning Portal is the newest Dungeons and Dragons adventure book. Included in the book are seven famous dungeons just waiting to be delved into. The book also gives the Dungeon Master running the adventure the tools to include each of the dungeons in different worlds such as Eberron, Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, or even Greyhawk. If you've ever heard of The Tomb of Horrors, you'll be pleased (or horrified) to know that it is one of the seven, and that's enough to make many people want to pick this book up.

Modern Masters 2017 Edition is a special reprint set featuring some of the most powerful and sought-after cards in the Modern format for Magic: the Gathering. If you've been looking for staple cards like Snapcaster Mage, Tarmogoyf, enemy-colored fetchlands, and more, this set delivers like no other. Players have really loved drafting this set, so make sure you grab a box before our limited supply is gone.

Station One is the second datapack in the Red Sand cycle for the Android: Netrunner Living Card Game. In this new set you will find new cards for each faction that will help you smuggle data or broker deals on Mars, humanity's new frontier.

The Kingdra EX Collection is the newest Pokémon collection featuring the powerful dragon-type Kingdra! It's Big Storm attack can take care of any meddlesome Stadium cards, but with a lot of electric energy, the Dragon Trail attack can do absurd amounts of damage, making this a very desirable card. Also included in the set are four booster packs and an oversized card, instantly adding tons of new cards to a player's collection.

The Fidget Pros Comet is an oddly satisfying spinning toy that we just received. This can be a valuable tool to regain focus or simply something to idly spin in your hand. Surprisingly weighty, the outer rings give the Comet a nice long spin time that you can feel as you hold it.

Back in stock: Terraforming Mars, Vast: the Crystal Caverns

New demos: Box of Rocks, Mole Rats in Space

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