Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Arrivals 7/15/2017

by Alexander "Dicesmith" Smith

Dice Forge is a game for 2-4 players that has one of the coolest mechanics we've ever seen: upgradable dice! When this game was first shown to us, we were incredibly excited about dice with changeable sides. As the game goes on, you will be able to physically change the faces of the dice you roll, helping you forge your fate. Every part of this game is incredibly modular, and the feeling of shaping the the game as you play is pretty unique.

Near and Far is a game for 2-4 players and the sequel to Above and Below, one of my absolute favorite games. Players will gather adventurers and gear in their quest to find the Last Ruin. Each game will be different because there are ten different maps that offer an episodic adventure to follow as well as a veritable grimoire of choose-your-own adventure style events that happen during the game.

SiXes is a party game for 3-8 people where your goal is to write down a word in a category that either matches another's or is unique based on which round you're in. Find out how the people around you think and tap into the hivemind...or the exact opposite of that with this game.

Seven7s is a quick strategic card game for 2-4 players. There are 7 suits with cards ranked from 1 to 7 that players will collectively arrange into columns in the center of the play area. Once a single column is filled the game ends, and players see who has the most points in their three-card hand. The trick is that each of the suits have effects that trigger when played or can affect scoring at the end.

Herbaceous is a neat little set-collection card game for 1-4 players about collecting herbs from a garden. Each turn, players will draw cards from the deck and either add them to their hand or put them into the communal pile. Each player also has four containers to put different groups of cards from the communal pile and their personal garden, but once they've filled a container, they cannot add any more cards. While the mechanics are easy to pick up, mastering how long to wait until you start assembling your sets is a little harder.

Fight for Olympus is a two player game where you must rally famous heroes and legends in ancient Greek Mythology to fight for your cause. Each round, players will add cards to the six slots on their side of the board and they will lend their special abilities or fighting skills to your side. If your warriors go unopposed for too long or if you're able to fill up your side completely and hold your position, you win! With so many different characters to choose from, it will be a while before we see everything this game has to offer.

Ghost Court is a social roleplaying game where your favorite daytime television court shows meet the often comedic grievances of the supernatural. Great for groups six or more, this live-action game can be frighteningly funny with the right group of friends.

Blue Rose is a beautifully illustrated and lovingly crafted world that uses the AGE roleplaying system. The game bills itself as a romantic fantasy game, and it is obvious that the focus has been shifted from your run-of-the-mill roleplaying game. Instead of being a combat-oriented, Blue Rose finds its strength in crafting webs of interpersonal connections, tales of star-crossed lovers, and stories of societal shifts.

Catch'n Fish is a card game for 2-4 early gamers. Play is simple; spin the spinner, make a math equation with your cards that matches the number, and catch the cards you used as points! This game is great for reinforcing early math skills such as building number sentences.

Sharks are Wild is a pattern card game for 2-4 children. Can you find the sequence of numbers among all the sea creatures? This game helps children with identifying numerals and learning about number progression.

Back in stock: Not Alone, The Gallerist, Jamaica, Evolution Climate

New Demos: Yamatai, Herbaceous