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Guild of Heroes Report for 12/26-12/28/18

Guild of Heroes Adventures
Winter Holiday 2018

Blizzards and solstice festivals weren't enough to keep the Guild from fighting evil - here are some of the monsters they defeated this month!

12/26 - The Abominable Cheesemonger with Dungeon Master Matt

Due to a serious dearth of cheese in the Guild headquarters, our noble adventurers made their way to the village of Klast to seek out Beldvan Bronzefrost, the finest Cheesemonger in all Niln. Upon arriving, they learned that Beldvan was seemingly the only person in the country with a supply of milk due to a bovine plague spreading across the country. The adventurers dug deeper and discovered a conspiracy: a group of friends appeared to have started the plague and were profiting off of their cheese monopoly.
The players incapacitated the nefarious cheesemonger, stole his ill-gotten stocks, and escaped successfully to return the goods to the guild. Unfortunately, his friends remained in Klast to continue their operation - and the Guild may have to return some day to bring justice down upon them.

12/26 - Winter's Flame with Dungeon Master Yoni

The party was enjoying some well-deserved time off at Port Eismeldt in the Frozen Reach. Known for its grand Midwinter celebration, the secluded town was decked out in full splendor for the annual carnival. The adventurers heard rumors of thefts occurring around town; someone had been stealing the magically-warming Pembelon fruits that are a central part of the festivities. They investigated these rumors, but did not find a clear culprit. They also spent some time enjoying the various carnival games.

During the ceremony at sundown, a giant explosion destroyed the stage! As the townsfolk fled to safety, a galeb duhr emerged from the smoldering pit and attacked the party. During the commotion, animated lumps of coal were grabbing pembelon fruits from the nearby tents and dragging them into the pit. The adventurers eventually defeated the galeb duhr, which introduced itself as Slab, and explained that it was trying to save its friend, a small fire snake, using the pembelons.

Slab had been summoned long ago using a freezing gem, which remained embedded in the rock of his body. The adventurers realized that the latent cold magic was in fact harming the fire snake. Working together, the party jammed their various weapons in around the edges of the freezing gem and tried to pry it out of Slab’s chest. When that failed, they asked Slab to punch himself repeatedly, shattering the gem. They replaced it with a set of smaller fire gems and fused them using a fire bolt spell, giving Slab a new tether to the material plane and saving his friend the fire snake.

12/27 - Duanmer Dwarves and Bjorn the Xorn with Dungeon Master Camilla

Four heroes of the guild heeded the call of the Duanmer, a dwarven clan living deep within the mountains of the island. Some corruption had entered the underground river that gave them water, and the party sent to investigate had not returned. Note, Dynn, Jeff, and a young trainee named Riesa ventured off into the caves to investigate. They quickly identified a greenish-silver acid in the water and traced it to the old Duman Mine.

Within, they found a horrific scene. The few dwarves who had been left here centuries before were evidenced only by acid-burned skeletons and ominous journal entries. After defeating a few of the caustic creatures that seemed to have attacked the cohort, they found signs of another visitor: a three-legged, three-eyed, three-armed, metal-eating Xorn named Bjorn. With his help digesting a gate that impeded their way, they ventured further, eventually finding the source of the acrid onslaught. With the help of some Paint of Buoyancy and judicious use of an anti-acid healing salve they were able to finally remove the entirety of the contagion.

12/27 - Drekek's Devious DIY Dungeon with Dungeon Master Matt

The Guild received a tip about a dungeon holding vast treasure in the mountains of Kijiji’s reach, but the message (and generous notification) struck the Guildmasters as suspicious. They sent a party of mostly new recruits to scout out the dungeon, and it quickly became obvious that the whole place was a trap. Signs lured our heroes inside, where numerous shoddy traps and suspiciously poorly-built automata awaited them.
The heroes bested many devious traps, with Paelius surviving three separate brushes with death and the party being repeatedly bamboozled. At long last, they defeated the (komodo) dragon left to guard the treasure - and discovered that the dungeon had been constructed by an apprentice necromancer, Drekek, practicing to build her own dungeons and lure in unsuspecting heroes. They slew the apprentice and just barely got away, escaping to return to the Guild victorious.

12/28 - Dead of Winter with Dungeon Master Camilla

In the midst of a heavy winter storm came a haggard rider. 'The Guild must save the town of Homlet', he begged, crying of ice monsters and fell demons beneath the snow. Six seasoned adventurers set out, spellbooks and weapons in tow. Their numbers included three clerics: Happy, Jim (formerly known as Percival), and Drawfinistination; Euoyi the ranger; Jeff the barbarian; and Zealous the wizard. Before they even reached the town they were beset by skeletons in great number, swarming at the party from snowdrifts.

Using the Mobile Scorpion (a small ballista) from the Guild, they pushed through a series of combats deeper into the small village. They sought refuge in a small cottage, barricading the sundered doorway with stones from a hut that fell to one of the gargantuan bolts. Woken by an undead guard captain and the skeletal hordes she seemed to command, Jeff elected to face her in single combat. As they clashed, his companions burned through the hordes of oncoming skeletons, and Happy wrestled with the bone-winged bats that met him in the air. It wasn’t long before the undead had fallen to the party, and the wounded, freezing villagers spilled out of the sanctuary of the town’s chapel.

12/28 - The Mouth of Grolantor with Dungeon Master Ben

The Guild received a cryptic warning: “The Empire moves against you. Beware the Mouth of Grolantor.” With no other leads to follow, the party set out for Fort Kraos to confront the Imperial Garrison there. On the way, they stopped in Nilneer, the large port town across the strait from the fort. There they quickly uncovered a sinister Imperial conspiracy centered around the town’s winter festival.

The Empire had smuggled a starved hill giant, the Mouth of Grolantor, into the center of the festival. They planned to unleash the beast on the townsfolk and blame the Guild for the carnage. Only through the thorough investigating of Ara and Nova, the selfless sacrifice of Dynn, the bold distraction of Big Bob Bushybeard, and the skillful archery of Shadow was the party able to subdue the monster before it wreaked total destruction. Still, the influence of the Empire is strong and the party was not able to fully absolve the Guild of blame.

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What's New at Labyrinth: 12/2/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 12/2/18
Hi guys! Madness has engulfed the store and all is in flux. Despite the holiday maelstrom, though, we've still gotten new stuff in, which means we have to tell you about it! Take a look:

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra
Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra is the sequel to Azul, this year's Spiel de Jahres winner and a best-seller in the store. Sintra lives up to is predecessor with elegant art, beautiful and high-quality components, and complex gameplay. This time, as the title suggests, players are building stained-glass windows out of gemlike, transparent panels. With reversible game boards and way more pieces, this game is more elaborate than its predecessor, and is thus an excellent game for players who've played Azul to death and want to advance to something more complex. 

Architects of the West Kingdom
Architects of the West Kingdom is the first game in the new West Kingdom trilogy, successor to the popular North Sea series. Set in the historical Carolingian Kingdom, the players act as architects working for wealth, fame and glory. You can dedicate yourself to the Archbishop and his mighty Cathedral or strike out on your own private constructions. Along the way, you'll face moral choices: a little corruption here and there can fatten your pockets and grease your projects, but too much and your virtue will be compromised, losing you points at the end of the game. Deploy your workers with care and claim your place as the kingdom's preeminent architect.  

In the legendary time of Camelot, King Arthur seeks a noble and worthy successor to his throne. For this purpose, he turns to his mentor and most trusted adviser, Merlin, to judge the worthiness of his loyal knights. In Merlin, players act as these knights, competing to prove themselves worthy of the crown. Vanquish barbarians, build manors, and grow your influence beneath the watchful eyes of Merlin in this considered and strategic game. The greatest knight will inherit the crown!

Treasure Island 
Treasure Island is a story-driven game of one against all. Set in the world of Robert Luis Stevenson's definitive classic of the same name, one player takes on the role of Long John Silver, currently the captive of his mutinous crew (the other players). He must attempt to bluff, misdirect, and deceive his captors as they attempt to drag out the truth of his hidden treasure. If you can keep your treasure safe long enough, Long John Silver makes his escape and goes for the treasure himself! In a deadly game of bluff and wits, who will prove the superior pirate?

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
Step into the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium with Blackstone Fortress. In the blackness of space, amidst a vast graveyard of dead and floating ships, floats the dreaded Blackstone Fortress, a vast and ancient alien space station of unknown purpose and incredible technology. For eons, it has sat empty and silent, but now the races of the galaxy have sent adventurers to delve into its depths for powerful technology and secrets. Blackstone Fortress is a cooperative, miniature-based dungeon-delving game set in the dark future of Warhammer 40k. The game can be played solo, or with up to 4 players--including someone playing as the monsters! With gorgeous, detailed miniatures and a rich ruleset, this is a game no fan of tactical combat can miss.

Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr
Holding On is a story-driven game that's not for the weak of heart. The game centers around Billy Kerr, a sixty-year-old who's dying after a massive heart attack. The players are the nurses caring for him in his last days, fending off the end as long as you can. As you do, you must earn Billy's trust, and slowly piece together the troubled story of his life. Can you help him resolve the three regrets that bind him here? The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr is a game that grapples with the concepts of death and regret, and as such, is intended for people looking for a deeply emotional experience.

Heimlich & Co.
Heimlich & Co is a game of hidden movement and deduction. In the crowded streets of a bustling city, spies hide among the throngs of civilians. Players act as spies, gathering intel as they move around, but every turn they will move many, many meeples. As players investigate , they must try and deduce each others identities while concealing their own. This game is excellent for any group of canny players.

Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas 
Rise of the Inkas is the newest stand-alone module for the earth-shakingly popular Catan series. Set during the era when the Incas rose from disparate mountain tribes to an advanced empire, players will find the game updated to the scenario. Fish, cocoa, and feathers form new economic staples, and settlements can be overgrown and reclaimed by the wilderness, granting opportunities for opponents to uncover and steal them.

Terraforming Mars: Colonies 
Colonies is another expansion to the space-settlement game Terraforming Mars. The race for space expands beyond the inner system, as your corporations seek every advantage in the race to make the Red Planet a new home for humanity. Build settlements in Jovian space and use the resources generated to improve your work on Mars. This expansion has been hotly anticipated, so grab it while supplies last!

You Think You Know Me
You Think You Know Me is a playful party game, a perfect icebreaker for any event. Do you know your coworker's favorite podcast? How about your brother's favorite song? You Think You Know Me will put your interpersonal knowledge to the test!

Escape from the Hidden Castle
Escape from the Hidden Castle is a classic roll-and-move with a strategic twist. Players have been trapped in a hidden, haunted castle, and are pursued by a phantom. Roll your dice and make use of the castle's winding corridors and hiding spaces to stay out of his grasp! The player who survives with the least fear wins. 

Trellis is a game of blooms and beauty, where even helping your opponent can be to your advantage. In this garden, players construct winding vines and make them bloom with color-coded flower meeples. Placement of flowers next to unclaimed vines can cause cascades of blooms, filling the board with sudden color. Absolutely a game for anyone who likes beautiful things.

D&D Dungeon Mayhem
Finally, Dungeon Mayhem is a new D&D spin-off card game where your adventurers scrap it out for the biggest share of treasure. The base game contains a deck for a barbarian, a wizard, a rogue and a paladin. Sling spells and chuck weapons to come out on top of a pile of gold!

And that's all for this week. Check back in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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What's New at Labyrinth: 11/25/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/25/18
Welcome back, everyone! Did you all have a good Thanksgiving? Coming hot off the heels of Small Business Saturday (and the Staff Cookie Battle) we've got a ton of stuff to talk about. Let's dive in!

The River
The River is the latest game from Days of Wonder, a bright and cheerful worker-placement game with a unique twist. Players take on the role of river-boat captains and aspiring mayors, setting out along a bendy stretch of river to build a new town. Placing workers allows you to harvest resources, which can be spent improving your town. Be careful, though--as the town improves, your workers will leave to boat and move in for good, permanently reducing your production capacity! The River is a careful balancing act that will end in victory for the most beautiful and happy town along the riverbanks.

Election Night!
Election Night is a new educational game of math and electoral strategy. In it, players use their dice rolls to do equations, aiming to add up to a state's number and secure its vote. It's a great game for learning math, as well as a lesson on our democracy.

It is the middle of the 17th Century and the Renaissance is in full bloom. Across Europe, universities play host to an unprecedented age of intellectual ferment. In the next few decades, the foundations of modern science will be laid, and the men and women who lay them will become titans, legends of learning. In Newton, players become one of these seekers of truth and glory. From a lowly apprentice, you must hone your theories and develop your career. Through constant effort and brilliant deduction, you can become the next Newton.

Turing Tumble
Turing Tumble is a brilliant new construction toy and logic puzzle that teaches players the basic concepts of programming and computing in a tactile way. The gameboard is a slanted ramp studded with dozens of pins. Players add on gears, gates, and other gadgets that catch and direct the delivery of the "bits:, small plastic marbles falling from above. Quite literally, you construct a physical computer. This gadget is endlessly fascinating for all ages. 

Gravitrax is another new construction toy, this one all about building the most elaborate marble runs you can imagine. Based around metal rails and hexagonal blocks, you can assemble anything from a placid loop to a wild roller coaster. Give it a try!

Altiplano: The Traveller
The high-altitude game of llama trading and development, Altiplano, has received an expansion: The Traveler. The titular Traveler has wandered into the Altiplano plateau, bringing with him strange new ideas and techniques. The Traveler is a set of modular expansions, which  can be added separately or together to the base game. If you want to deepen your copy of Altiplano, The Traveler is the ideal box for you.

Condottiere is an abstract war game set in 1500s Italy. when city states struggled for dominance with the use of vast mercenary armies. Players must control 3 territories to win, but each battle is a tense contest of wills, where players must commit their forces carefully or risk squandering them in a fruitless battle. With simple rules leading to deep strategy, it's an excellent game for fans of the genre. 

Railroad Ink
Railroad Ink is a fascinating game of art and optimization. Each player recieves a dry-erase board, with a grid of empty spaces lined with railway exit. Your objective: to make the most complete railway system of all, connecting the most exits together. This is done by rolling a set of "railway dice": dice with each face depicting a configuration of track. With these common, randomized building blocks, you will all draw your railways, attempting to find the optimal configuration. 
The game comes in two variants: Blazing Red and Deep Blue. Each comes with two unique expansions that add unique edits to the game. If you have an architectural mind or an artistic bent, don't skip this game!

Dice Settlers 
Dice Settlers is another game of town building and wilderness exploration, with a twist. The game centers around your pool of dice, kept in a bag and drawn from each round. Actions rolled with these dice let you take new resources and develop your pool in more specialized directions. Area control, pool building, and resource gathering combine to make an excellent, flavorful game. 

AuZtrailia is a solitaire-style strategy game set in an alternate version of the 1930s. The northern hemisphere has been poisoned by dark powers, and so humanity heads south. But in the outbacks of Australia, the Old Ones are rising. Build your infrastructure across the barren outback and bring the fight to them.

Nusfjord is the latest game from the famed and prolific German designer Uwe Rosenberg. Set in the pastoral Norwegian village of Nusfjord, back in its fishing-boom heyday, players must carefully assign their workers in order to develop their districts to the pinnacle of productivity. Only the wisest mayor may win! 

Fallout: New California
Finally, we come to New California, the new expansion for the Fallout board game. With new quests, characters, items, and entire new location to visit, this massive expansion transforms the game of Fallout. From the gloomy wastelands to the sunny shores of New California, quest for glory and caps through the most memorable locations of the franchise. 

And that's all we've got for this week. Tune in Next Week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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Guild of Heroes Report for 11/17/18

Guild of Heroes Adventures 11/17/18

Frost settles across Niln, and dangers continue to threaten the land... Here are some of the threats our heroes defeated this month!

Morning - Bugs n' Stuff with Dungeon Master Camilla

The forests surrounding Fort Stonespur were revisited by a powerful forest spirit known as Neivara of the South Wind. Shrouded in a mystic fog, six heroes of the guild set out to see what brought their return. One of them, James Hunter, had encountered the creature before, and was able to guide the party in their approach. Neivara was missing a valued member of their court, a cricket named Featherlegs. To find the miniscule creature, the party was shrunk down, some shorter than an inch! When Sauron, Happy, Ancestra, and others investigated a colony of intelligent bugs that lived within a hollow tree stump, they learned of a tarantula called Imperator. Wielding powerful pheromones extracted from others, he commanded a colony of wasps. Thanks to the party’s intervention, they were able to avert a ritual of weathershaping, ensuring the safety of the stump town and the stewardship of the intelligence-boosting plant that gave the bugs sapience.

Morning - Alchemical Infestation with Dungeon Master Yoni

As a rite of passage for joining the Guild of Heroes, three initiates (and one chaperone) were tasked with clearing out a rat infestation in the basement of a local business. They found that these rats were actually gigantic, and a force to be reckoned with. A hole in the wall of the cellar led into the basement if a ruined wizard's tower, where the heroes navigated some traps and fought more enlarged creatures, including giant centipedes and a giant inferno spider. The heroes cleared out the dungeon and found the ancient wizard's potions, which had spilled and caused the abnormalities. Taking what was left, they ensured no more animals would become such an over-sized nuisance again.

Afternoon - Humphrey Hughbert's Hideous House of Horrors with Dungeon Master Nick

The players were called to the bedraggled, mud-splattered and smelly little hamlet of Hogstooth. The town had suffered a bad spate of  pignapping, their prized porkers being picked off by terrible abominations. The players, arriving at the Pig’s Ear tavern, were told of a passel of pigs still poking around out in the wilderness, and formulated a clever plan. With swift tracking skills, the players located the hogs and used them to set a trap, planning to lure the monsters into the field of fire of the portable scorpion they brought along. Soon a swarm of unnatural, stitched-together monsters appeared, but the plan worked. Blackthorn held the bridge with his axe, and Nova blew a hopping head to pieces with the ballista before assuming the form of a bear and mopping up the opposition. Tracking the monsters back to their lair, they encountered, engaged and apprehended Humphrey Hughbert, a mad biomancer and body-modification fanatic. Aside from the arrested biomancer, players also aquired a chest of raw silver ingots and opals, a silver sword bearing an unknown magic, and a number of mysterious, unknown potions.

Afternoon - Spineshatter Grumm and the Unmaker with Dungeon Master Matt

The guild was summoned by their allies in Dmarra to help solve a problem: a vicious warlord named Spineshatter Grumm who had been enslaving the barbarian tribes and slaughtering the innocent. They ventured south and met up with the Lowland barbarian tribes, who directed them to the gruesome Blackmetal Keep in the center of Skullcrush Plains. On the way, our heroes slew a number of glass-shard dragonflies and sand snakes, clearing the vicious monsters from the desert. 

Once in the keep, Sora decided to impress Spineshatter Grumm, wrestling 5 barbarians to the ground before the conqueror himself challenged her to a duel. Theirastra, bearing new glass-spiked fists from her experiments with the dragonflies, riled up the crowd as Sora fought, and upon defeating Grumm, Sora was crowned the new lord of the barbarian hordes. The rest of the heroes returned to the guild with Grumm’s deadly blade, and Sora remained behind to rule her new kingdom.

Want to join in the adventure, or sign back up for next time?

Contrary to our usual schedule, we will be running our two Guild of Heroes sessions for December across two days: 12-3pm on Wednesday, December 26th and 12-3pm on Thursday, December 27th. If you know any young heroes (ages 10+) who will be in town for the holidays, feel free to sign them up now!

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What's New at Labyrinth: 11/18/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/18/18
Hey there, guys! The holiday season seems to have arrived early, and we are SWAMPED with people and new games! Take a look:

Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime is a revolutionary new mystery game, taking the tradition of games like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and remixing it with a companion app. Each card and clue features a QR code that can scan into the app, providing new and dynamic combos of clues for an ever-changing web of mysteries. There's even an optional VR (virtual reality) mode where, with your phone, you can investigate a virtual crime scene! Fans of the mystery genre shouldn't miss this!

Folklore: The Affliction
Folklore: The Affliction is a game of storytelling, strategic combat, and horror. It is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 players, where the players assume the role of one of 6 unique and customized characters that explore the dark world of Folklore. Your duty is to battle the vile Afflictions that plague the land, acquiring lore and discovering the secrets behind them. The session unfolds through chapters, each an hour to two long, and will eventually unveil a full story with branching paths and multiple endings. For fans of strategic combat or story-heavy horror games, this is worth a look. 

Monolith Arena
Monolith: Arena is a tactical combat game set in a blood-soaked Colosseum. In this hexagonal death-pit, your fantastic forces will battle to the death, seeking to obliterate the foe's Monolith. Beware: These stone pillars hold dreadful power, and every level taken off the Monolith releases more power. The closer that you come to defeat, the stronger you will get. Riding the edge between death and glory, can you claim victory in the Arena?

Arkham Horror LCG: Shattered Aeons
Shattered Aeons is the final, climactic chapter of the Forgotten Age storyline. Miles below the surface of the Earth, in black caverns that have never known the sun, a strange blue light suffuses the air as unknown power bends time and space to the breaking point. Everything you have built is coming to its end. This is the final hour. Will you solve the mystery before you, or will the age we know be shattered and cast into the abyss?

Dominion: Renaissance
Dominion: Renaissance is the newest expansion to the ever-growing classic Dominion. Adding 300 new cards including 25 kingdom cards, this is an excellent way to expand your Dominion collection. 

We got two whole pallets of LEGO, including a lot of exiting new stuff. BB-8, Ninjago, and Advent Calendars are now available. Build some holiday fun with LEGO!

Magic the Gathering: Gift Pack 
The new Magic Gift Pack is an excellent way to expand your collection. Containing 4 M19 booster packs, a 20-sided spindown die, and 5 lands, the major attraction of this pack are the 5 unique rares, unobtainable anywhere else. The box also contains a code to unlock the 5 rares in MtG: Arena, the only way to get them in the electronic format. An excellent gift indeed for any player, old or new. 

Pokemon 2018 Collector Chest Tin, Salamence GX, Kyurem GX
We've also received 3 new Pokemon boxes. The Salamence and Kyurem boxes bring two popular and powerful Dragon-type Pokemon into rotation; each with a giant foil version for display. The Collector's Chest, meanwhile, brings you a battle kit, tokens, flip-dice, a mini-binder, 5 boosters and 3 foil promo cards depicting the Legendary Birds. Excellent for collectors or new players alike. 

And that's all we've got for this week. Tune in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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What's New at Labyrinth: 11/09/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 11/09/18
Hey guys! Thanksgaming is upon us, so if you're dropping by to donate cans and try some pie, check out our new arrivals!

Betrayal: Legacy
Betrayal: Legacy takes the classic favorite Betrayal at the House on the Hill to new heights. Each player represents a family, returning to the house, again and again, each time jumping forward a few decades in time. Over the course of the game you will change the house, and the house will change you. Even after you complete the fourteen session campaign and uncover the final mysteries, you'll be left with a fully playable, customized, and unique game of Betrayal you can play with dozens of new haunts. This game is absolutely worth a look.

D&D: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Maps, and Dice
In the legendary city of Waterdeep lies the famed tavern, the Yawning Portal, so named for the gaping black well in the center of the establishment. 140 feet below the light and laughter of the inn lies the entrance to the Undermountain, a vast and sprawling dungeon that even the bravest spelunkers fear. Lurking in the shadows, giggling insanely, is the Mad Mage himself, the deranged architect of the labyrinth. Vast wealth and power lie below, but those who go in search of it rarely return...

Dungeon of the Mad Mage is a gigantic adventure path for characters levels 5 to 20, set in the megadungeon of Underhill. With dozens of detailed encounters and beautiful illustrations, it's a whole campaign worth of material for any dungeon-delving party! Along with the book, we also have a maps pack, with an array of dry-erase maps printed with the various environs of the dungeon, and custom Waterdeep dice for those really looking for the full experience. 

D&D: Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, Maps, and Dice
Ravnica, the City of Guilds. A vast, planet-spanning metropolis, Ravnica is home to billions of citizens and ruled by the byzantine politics of the Guilds. Angelic police forces, undead spies, draconic mad scientists: the vast city is a place of wonder and terror, a natural home of adventure. Wizards of the Coast has opened this vast landscape up to us with the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, a sourcebook made for playing D&D 5th Edition in Ravnica. With maps, NPCs, monsters and more, this is everything a GM could want to run the City of Guilds.
And just like Dungeon of the Mad Mage, the Guildmaster's Guide has released alongside a map pack and custom set of dice. These are super helpful for any group who like using maps!

Ice Cool 2
Ice Cool 2 is a standalone expansion for the original Ice Cool, adding a whole new set of mission cards and rooms to the game. You can assemble and play it on its own, or combine it with the first game to form a massive labyrinth to send your penguins skating through. 

Potato Pirates
Potato Pirates is a hilarious new card game from Thinkfun, where players battle it out as potatoes on the high seas. The gimmick: Your attacks must be programmed, using things like conditionals, loops, and functions to execute your plans. Balancing logic, strategy and hilarity, Potato Pirates promises to be a new favorite. 

Bards Dispense Profanity & Dick
If you're a fan of the inappropriate, madcap humor of Cards Against Humanity, but want to season it with something more sophisticated, Why So Ever Games has come out with two games to scratch that itch: Bards Dispense Profanity and Dick. Based, respectively, on the collected works of Shakespeare and Moby Dick, these games juxtapose quotes of these classic works with modern questions and problems, with hilarious (and filthy) results. An excellent game for any geeky grown-up party.

And that's all we've got for this week. Check back in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!