Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What's New At Labyrinth: 1/27/2018

New Arrivals and Restocks

Hey gang! Between the holiday rush and the New Year, we haven't had the time to get a blog post out in a while. In apology, we have this special extra-long edition, with every new release or notable restock in the last month!

Action Cats
For the cat-lovers among us comes this adorable party game. Each player takes turns being judge, while the rest of the group constructs a story for the round out of cards from their hand. Adorable and tons of fun!

Bananagrams Party Edition

 Everyone's favorite yellow spelling game is back, and ready to party! New in this potassium-rich pack are the Party Power Tiles, allowing you to sow spelling chaos with powers like the Re-Gifter, Thief, and Pouch Head! A blast for all ages.

Anomia Kids

Anomia is a game practically built for family gatherings, and Anomia Kids makes that doubly true. An excellent way to get young ones involved and entertained, while still educating them.

Camel Up!

The Spiel de Jahres winner Camel Up has returned to Labyrinth after a long leave of absence! In this game of strategy and chance, players place bets in a running contest of racing camels. 

Charterstone Recharge Pack

Charterstone remains one of the most unique games we carry: A persistent legacy worker-placement game where the players construct a city, sticker by sticker. With the Recharge Pack, you can relive the whole experience all over again--the backside of the original board forms a brand new village! 

D&D Dungeon Tiles and Dice Tower!

Exciting news for our RPG players--the new Dungeon Tiles are in! These interlocking terrain tiles are sure to spice up any campaign, with variations for city, dungeon, and wilderness environments. To top it off, we have our first honest-to-god Dice Tower! Roll in style.

Game of Thrones LCG: Kingsmoot

The newest set of the GOT LCG from Fantasy Flight Games sees the Ironborn of House Greyjoy return to the old ways. Hold the Kingsmoot, and serve the Drowned God in victory.

Netrunner LCG: Sovereign Sight

Sovereign Sight, the newest data pack for the Netrunner LCG, takes us to the shores of Lake Victoria, where the nations of the Sub-Saharan League have set aside their differences and pooled their resources to construct a second orbital elevator. The peace is tenuous, but the potential is limitless. Sieze your cut.

Arkham Horror LCG: The Pallid Mask 

Your pursuit of the mystery behind The King in Yellow leads your investigators into the deep catacombs below Paris, where the dark hides ancient secrets. The Pallid Mask introduces new scenario-specific rules, as the locations you lay out form a dense labyrinth of danger. Tread carefully, and bring an extra torch...


Topiary is a great game of tree placement and abstract strategy. Players construct a topiary garden, tile by tile, while claiming viewing angles with meeples. Viewers can see all topiaries in a straight line, as long as each tree is larger than the one before it. Fight for position and grow to victory.

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig

You've built Castles for Mad King Ludwig--now build him his Palace. All players compete as architects designing the palace together, purchasing and laying room tiles as the moat slowly forms around the growing palace. When the moat is complete, the game ends, and the most influential architect wins. Similar in spirit, but radically different in gameplay, the Palace of Mad King Ludwig is a fascinating new construction game. 

 Spirit Island: Branch and Claw

Spirit Island is back! 2017's hottest cooperative game returns to shelves, with a brand new expansioin: Branch and Claw! Leverage these new spirits of forest and ferocity to help drive the invaders from your island home.


Also back on shelves is the incredible Sagrada. On of Kathleen's favorites of last year, this gorgeous dice-drafting game has you competing to build the greatest stained glass windows with dozens of beautiful, translucent dice. 

Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop is a beautiful new narrative RPG set in a fantastic alternate 80s. The players take on the roll of Kids, at the cusp of adulthood, exploring this mysterious landscape at once familiar and alien, studded with strange machines, distant and out-of-touch adults, and Mysteries that need solving.

Call of Cthulu Playing Cards

Feel like your card games are missing a certian eldrich horror? Try picking up these Call of Cthulu playing cards!

Great Western Trail

Another returning favorite, Great Western Trail has you take on the role of a cattle drover competing for market dominance. Manage your herds, hire cowboys to help out, and make careful use of the buildings along the way to sell the most beef.

Shipwrights and Explorers of the North Sea

Hot on the heels of Raiders of the North Sea come two sequel games, Shipwrights and Explorers of the North Sea. Set in the middle and latter years of the Viking Age, respectively, Shipwrights and Explorers focus on aspects of Viking life beyond mere raiding. In Shipwrights, you must manage your resources and labor to produce a grand fleet, and in Explorers, the players set to sea not to gain plunder, but for knowledge of the lands beyond. Set sail!

Ticket To Ride: France and Old West

The newest double-sided Ticket to Ride expansion board takes us to both the wealthy cities and lush countrysides of France, and the arid badlands of the Old West. A great get for any fan of Ticket to Ride.


In Einstein, the players take control of Einstein during one of four phases of his life, from his youth as a rising star of physics to his old age as an advocate for world peace. Drawing from the ideas of that stage of life, the players will, together, assemble the grand theories of Einstein.

Magic the Gathering: Rivals of Ixalan

In case you've been living under a rock, Rivals of Ixalan has launched! The search for Orazca has ended, and now the race to control the Golden City and seize the Immortal Sun has begun! Take part in the battle with some boosters or boxes, or choose a side with our premade planeswaker decks, each with a unique planeswalker inside. And don't forget to protect your cards with some Rivals of Ixalan sleeves, deckboxes, and binders!

Dixit: Harmonies

For lovers of the original Dixit comes a brand new expansion. Stuffed with the explosive and powerful art of Paul Echegoyen, this expansion comes with 84 new picture cards to make the game feel like new.

What Do You Meme?

Do you like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity? Do you like memes? Then you'll love What Do You Meme. A picture-captioning game, it follows in the tracks of its forbears with a distinctly internet-age twist. 

The Bloody Inn: The Carnies Expansion

The Bloody Inn: The Carnies is a new expansion for The Bloody Inn that adds three self-contained expansion packs that can be added to the base game in any combination you please. The Carnies themselves bring the circus to your inn, Notables replace Nobles, and old Aunt Ginette will give you some Tips and Tricks--for a hefty sum! 

New Pokemon TCG Releases!

Pokemon's had a ton of new releases in the last month! Ultrabeasts like Guzzlord GX, two different Raichu boxes, a Marshadow Pin Collection, and of course the brand-new, just-released UltraPrism set! There's no better time than now to dive into the world of Pokemon!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Wave of Light

On the subject of TCGs, our Yu-Gi-Oh players will excited to hear about the release of the brand-spankin'-new Wave of Light structure deck. Blast your opponents with searing rays and claim victory!


And last, but certianly not least, a whole new pack of Lego sets! From the small-but-sweet box of the Mining Power Splitter to the titanic First Order Star Destroyer (with lots of Minecraft in between), there's something for everyone in this new set!

That's all for now. Keep an eye on this space--weekly blogs are returning! We get new stuff all the time, so watch out!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Guild of Heroes Session Report 12/31 - A Barbaric Test, Kularkuthan's Summons

This past Sunday, December 31st, 2017, we had another two exciting sessions with our young members of the Guild of Heroes, once again with a cast of returning characters from our ongoing D&D campaign for players as young as 9 and as old as 15. We had two quests for the twelve heroes, run by our DMs Yoni and Camilla. Stay tuned to our eventbrite for postings about our next open sessions.

GM Yoni - A Barbaric Test (Dmarra)

Gubrash, a warrior herald from the barbarian tribe on the island of Dmarra, arrived unannounced at Fort Stonespur to deliver an invitation. Six brave adventurers were sought to undergo a trial to prove the worth of the Guild of Heroes, and thereby gain the fierce Dmarrans as allies. They boarded a ship and sailed south to Dmarra, where they saw preparations underway for a sumptuous feast.

Gubrash led them up into the hills, to the entrance of a cavern. “If you can get back to the village before the feast begins, you will pass this test,” he said, before promptly sealing them inside the cave with a giant boulder. Rowan cast Dancing Lights and drove away the darkness, only to find himself face-to-face with a hungry, fiercely territorial Werebear. The heroes fought valiantly, but quickly came to the realization that they were outmatched. They hid themselves behind a magical barrier, and once the Werebear gave up and fell asleep (reverting to its human form), they carefully woke him, and persuaded him to let them leave his lair in peace and continue down into the tunnels.

At the first intersection, the heroes sensibly chose to avoid a giant pit of snakes, following an underground stream down the opposite path. When the walls and floor changed from rough earth to smooth stone, the next challenge presented itself. Two adventurers charged down the hallway, attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to avoid 80 feet of whirling razor-sharp blades. Once clear of the first hazard, they thought they could breathe easier, but the roof began to cave in above them! They cautioned their friends to stay back, and realized that as long as none of them triggered the blade trap, they could make their way forward in safety. Overcoming terrifying psychic forces, they destroyed the glittering Rune of Fear at the end of the hallway, disabling the trap and revealing a mysterious treasure: a gem as black as darkness itself, which absorbs all light but reveals glimmers of color as you gaze into its depths.

Realizing that the stream continued beneath the rune’s pedestal, they cleaved it in two with three Magic Missile blasts followed by a mighty great axe blow. Throwing caution to the wind, they jumped into the hole in the floor and rode the waterslide down, flying out the end to come crashing down into an underground pool. They quickly swam to the shore and escaped into another tunnel, catching only a glimpse of a giant creature rearing up from the depths before they were caught up and swept away in a great torrent of water. When the water subsided, they were deposited in another cavernous space, this one filled with rotting garbage and sewage. It was the lair of an Otyugh!

They faced off against the fearsome beast. This time, there would be no trickery, and no escape. Ensnaring the adventurers in its tentacles and biting at them with its gaping maw, the Otyugh proved to be a formidable foe. Through teamwork and daring heroism, they prevailed. Ancestra delivered the final blow using the bard spell Vicious Mockery. As the player described it, “Its heart was broken and sank into its stomach, where it exploded!” Covered in viscera and stinking of sewage, the heroes crawled through the path the Otyugh had burrowed, and emerged into sunlight, where they were greeted with raucous joy by the Dmarrans. “You passed!” said Gubrash. “We haven’t started the feast yet. We were waiting for you.”

GM Camilla - Kularkuthan's Summons (Isles of Niln - Thaldoon)

One day at Fort Stonespur, a strange envoy arrived, a copper Dragonborn by the name of Icthyamalli, claiming service to one Kularkuthan, queen of Thaldoon. None recognized the name, but six heroes volunteered to escort him back, and hear the summons of his patron. They were Drawfinistination a dwarf cleric, Eldan an elf druid, Euyoi a human ranger, and three trainees, Jeff, Orsik, and Carric.

Their trip led them not through the city gates, but into a network of caves deep beneath, ultimately revealing that Kularkuthan was no human or elf, nor any other species we would easily call friend, but a mad and vain beholder, shut away in a cave full of her petrified victims. Kularkuthan claimed the city as her own, and sought alliance to expel Helthra, the half-giant she saw as the snakehead of her foes.

Accepting her offer, they took a mission from her aide, Icthyamalli, and infiltrated the city, passing through troglodyte-ridden sewers. Their goal was Rising Hearts, a bakery where they would find Rolf, the recipient of a coded message they held. Euyoi carefully investigated, and found the bakery overrun with customers, nothing a few skunk-looking (and smelling) illusions couldn’t take care of. They were surprised to find their contact absent, but the workers there spoke of his arrest, suspecting that he’d been taken to the Burning Pits, a large fighting arena in the southwest of the city. The party made their way inside, and found a dwarf they believed to be Rolf, fighting with a large wooden baker’s paddle.

Just when they thought he would make it out alive, a tall half-giant woman in the seat of honor had another beast sent out, a towering minotaur, sure to crush their much shorter friend. The party lept into action, joining Rolf in the ring. One of the trainees, Orsik, sent a few preemptive bolts at Helthra, but the damage as they exploded against her didn’t seem to faze her! Within moments, the beast was upon them, and a great battle ensued. Drawfinistation was tested to the limits of his abilities, saving his allies in the nick of time more than once, but clever tactics from Jeff and Carric helped subdue the Minotaur, and their lives were spared. Fearful of arousing suspicion, and with an urgent return message from Rolf, they returned to the sewers, delivered the message, and returned home, with ties forged beneath the city.