Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's New At Labyrinth: 2/23/2018

What's New At Labyrinth: 2/23/2018

Another week, another selection of new and returning games at Labyrinth! Take a look:

Grimm Forest
 First off, we have this exciting and gorgeous new game. Grimm Forest is a hidden movement game wherein the players compete to collect resources and build the best house in a fairy-tale forest. Beware, for grim monsters lurk in the shadows! Gorgeous production quality combines with solid game design to produce a game that everyone should check out.

Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition
The king of triva has returned! Trivial Pursuit: Classic Edition brings back the game you remember from your childhood, in a gorgeous, high-quality box. Hours of fun for friends and family!

Mobi & Mobi Kids 
Mobi is the fun math game in an adorable whale package. Each player holds a hand of number and operation tiles, and assembles them in a Scrabble-like fashion to creat equations. The first one to lay out all their numbers wins! Now comes in the Kids version.

Star Wars: Dawn of Rebellion 
Star Wars: Dawn of the Rebellion is an era sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG, allowing you to take your adventures into the early days of the Galactic Empire. The public supports the new regime, which ended the chaos of the late Republic and seems to have ushered in an age of peace and prosperity. But behind the scenes, the tyrany of the Empire has already created a nebulous opposition, slowly coalescing into a growing Galactic Rebellion. It is a time ripe for heroes--will you be one of them? 

Arkham Horror LCG: Black Stars Rise
The dread moment is nigh. Your investigators have pursued the echoes of Hastur from Arkham, crossed the sea to plumb the darkness of the Paris Catacombs, and now your fates draw you onward, inextorably, to the island monsastary of Mont St. Michel, through a raging storm. It will avail you naught. The black stars rise and you are doomed. Black Stars Rise will replace your Act deck with a second Agenda deck, the two representing the forces of both the pouring rain and rising seas, and the eldrich forces at work. A path to Carcosa will open. There lies your only hope. 

Game of Thrones: Catan
Back in stock for the first time since Christmas is Game of Thrones: Catan! Take on the roles of competing Commanders of the Night's Watch, cultivating your section of the land and fending off the Wildlings. The greatest amongst you will be named Lord-Commander. Seize victory!

4D Puzzles!
Also back in are our awsesome 4D Puzzles! Build layered puzzles showing the passage of time, capping them off with 3d models of landmarks. We have everything from historic Washington DC to Middle-Earth, so take a look!

Lego Mindstorms 
Lego Mindstorms is back! The ultimate gift for any Lego or robotics afictionado, the Lego Mindstorms kit allows you to construct and program your very own robot. A ton of fun for those looking for a challenging project.

And, finally, for those with a construction itch that Lego won't scratch, we have Magnetiles back in. These magnetic plastic shapes snap together to let you form anything you please. An excellent gift for any crafter.

That's all for this week. Be sure to check back next week as the fruits of Kathleen's trip to Toy Fair start to arrive!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 2/16/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 2/16/2018

Hey folks! It's Friday, which means it's time for our weekly roundup of restocks and new arrivals! Check it out:


 Take the form of the Gods of Egypt and lead your forces to eternal glory! A strategy game set in the ancient lands of Egypt, the players command their followers and compete for glory through military prowess, architectural wonders, and extravigant sacrifices. 
13 Clues
13 Clues is a competitive, hidden-information mystery game wherein the players take on the role of detectives vying to solve the case first. You can see your opponents' clues, but not your own! Peice together the common thread with logic and become the greatest detective in London. Elementary!

NPC Portrait Deck and Dragons and Monstrosities
 From the homliest bard to the fiercest dragon, these two portrait decks have something to help out any DM. They consist of full-art portrait cards of a wide variety of NPCs and monsters, each with is own complete statblock. You can use them as a whole, or simply as inspiration. A convenient pickup for anybody running a game.
Team Play
Team Play is back in stock, a card game based around (shocker!) teamwork. Players work in pairs, colluding with their partner to pass each other cards at the right times to fufill the goal cards at the center. A quick game of complex team-based strategy.

5 Minute Dungeon
Chaotic, confidential and real-time, 5-Minute Dungeon is madcap fun for 2-5 players. Taking on the roles of one of 10 unique adventurers, each with their own suite of abilities, the players have 5 minutes to explore and escape a randomized dungeon. With no time to plan, quick thinking and clear communication are key! Can you escape the 5-Minute Dungeon?

Cthulu Confidential 
Tabletop RPGs are, traditionally, group affairs. However, sometimes scheduling makes get-togethers difficult, or sometimes you simply want a one-on-one game session. For those days, there's Cthulu Confidential, a One-2-One Gumshoe system of mystery and horror in the early 20th century. If you're yearning for a more personal RPG, look no further.

Game of Thrones LCG: Favor of the Old Gods
Faith and steel collide in Westeros with the new Favor of the Old Gods pack. Expanding on the battling faiths of Westeros, this set adds new R'hllor, Seven, and Old Gods related cards. Seize victory with the gods' blessing, or see your faith eradicated.

Smallworld: Sky Islands
Smallworld is about to get a whole lot more crowded! Sky Island adds not only a new territory to conquer--the eponymous Sky Islands--but seven brand new races and powers! Sometimes, when things get this cramped, the only way to go is up.

A Feast for Odin Expansion Pack
Sail farther than any Viking has before with this new expansion to A Feast for Odin. Explore the cold isles of Loften and Orkney, or sail to the very edge of the Earth--Tierra del Fuego!

Burgle Bros
If you like a good heist movie, why not live the dream with Burgle Bros? A cooperative heist game, players each take on the role of a unique agent, each with their own specialized task, and must sneak through four floors of a highly secure facility to crack the safes and reach your getaway helicopter on the roof. A ton of fun!

Eldrich Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep
Across the world, dozens of unrelated cults and secret societies suddenly move in synchronicity. Ancient plots come to fruition. Nyarlathotep, in his thousand forms, is close to opening the Ultimate Gate and bringing unspeakable doom to Earth. Masks of Nyarlathotep adds both Personal Stories, which flesh out your investigators, and a Campaign Mode for long-term play.

Monster of the Week
Sometimes when things go bump in the night, the only thing to do is square your shoulders and bump back twice as hard! Monster of the Week is a new RPG system made to simulate a monser-hunting party in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Discover traces of a monster, research its weaknesses, and let the hunt begin. 

A Tale of Pirates
An exciting new game with a board so cool we had to post a picture of the back, too! Pirates is a real-time cooperative game with a 3-D board. The players are pirates, working together to become the most feared ship on the seas. Each time one takes an action, they must place their sand timer on the slot and leave it there for the full 30 seconds! Balance your crew and seize infamy!

Paperback & Hardback
Paperback is a deck-building book game where you, a struggling author, must string words together and write your masterpiece. Think Scrabble meets Dominion. A blast for any literary groups! And for those looking for a more advanced, strategic game in the same theme, Hardback adds whole new elements of play, with special power letters and more!

That's all from us for this week! Check back in next week for more updates!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 2/10/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 2/10/18

Hey all! It's Saturday, and that means it's time for a roundup of all the new stuff here at Labyrinth.

Vast: The Fearsome Foes

Vast: The Crystal Caverns is one very unique game. Enirely asymmetric yet balanced, it inspires a spirit of shifting alliances and competition in a way that excites. Vast: The Fearsome Foes expands upon this exellent foundation with three entirely new, unique factions: The mournful Ghost, the vile Ghoul, and the terrifying Nightmare Unicorn. Dare you enter the Crystal Caverns?

Stuffed Fables

A brand new, whimsical tactical combat game in the vein of Mice and Mystics, Stuffed Fables has you take control of a band of courageous stuffed animals fighting the Nightmares threatening the young girl who loves them. With beautiful art and minis, this is an excellent dungeon crawl style game.

Dungeons & Dragons: Monsters and Heroes of the Realms Coloring Book 

This isn't your 5-year-old's coloring book! Jam-packed with line-art versions of official Wizards of the Coast artwork for Dungeons & Dragons, these pages are suitable canvasses for serious artists. Bring your games to life!

Dragonfire: Chaos in the Trollclaws 

Warfare has erupted amongst the savage tribes of the Trollclaws and the chaos is spilling out into the surrounding countryside. Brave heros are needed to repulse the violence. Step forward amd protect the people!

Netrunner: Down The White Nile

Down The White Nile is the second pack in the Kitara Cycle. Taking us to the shores of Lake Victoria; the city of Jinja burgeons with a population exploding to support the vast construction taking place on the lake. The Jinteki corporation conducts shadowy bacterial research, while nearby, the White Nile winds its way north. There's wealth to be had, for the skilled or reckless. But some secrets are better left unfound...

Flamme Rouge: Peloton 

Get back in the saddle with the latest expansion for Flamme RougePeloton! Adding in new streets and routes to represent the ancient cobbled streets of Paris, Peloton will force you to renew your strategy and find a new path to victory.

Lord of the Rings LCG: The Crossing at Poros

Brave the barren Southlands while fending off increasingly brutal Orcish attacks in The Crossing of Poros. The final entry in the Haradrim cycle, our heroes find themselves burdened by new allies and pursued relentlessly by old foes. Of course, they wouldn't be heroes if they left their new friends behind! Fight your way to the safety of Gondor with The Crossing of Poros.

Elder Sign: Omens of the Pharaoh

Beneath the sands of Egypt, by the ruins of old Dashur, there lies a buried, forgotten tomb, striken from all records to keep the world safe from what lies within. But archaeologists have uncovered that which should have remained buried, and now the dread Pharoh, Nepherem-Ka, stirs from his millenia-long slumber. In Omens of the Pharoh, your brave investigators must enter the darkened, sand-choked chambers and find a way to stop his ressurection, before it is too late...

New Sudoku and Crosswords

For you lovers of puzzles, we've got three new books in! Original and X-Treme Sudoku and 10-Minute Crossword Puzzes are excellent time passers, be it on a plane or in the bathroom. Try them out!

New Lego!

This week we got so much new LEGO in that we had to take a panorama! Look at it all! We've gotten in everything from the humble Minecraft Polar Igloo to the titanic remote-controlled City Train Kit.  Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Ninjago, City, Friends, Elves, Lego Junior, DUPLO, and much, much more!

Sig: Manual of the Primes

At the center of the infinite intersecting planes of existence lies Sig--the city at the center of the universe, a Mobius strip floating through the rainbow void. This the core of Sig: Manual of the Primes, a brand-new RPG system billing itself as a "Cosmopolitan Planar Fantasy." A Kickstarter smash success, we recieved our first copy courtesy of one of the backers. The players must navigate an endlessly deep and varied setting, rife with competing factions and mysterious powers seeking influence. An endless array of riches lies within reach for the savvy. Enter the greatest city of all and claim your slice.

Hero Realms: Dragon and Litch Boss Decks

Return to Hero Realms and face deadly new foes with the Dragon and Lich Boss Decks. We've also gotten major restocks of the rest of the packs!

Dice Throne

Dice Throne is an exciting new strategy game where 6 unique heroes do battle in anything from a tense 1-on-1 to a 3v3 to a 6-way free-for-all. Each hero has a unique set of dice that powers their abilites, giving each game a huge array of potential matchups. 

Rajas of the Ganges

Rajas of The Ganges is a gorgeous new Euro-style game of kingdom building on the banks of the Ganges. Manage your estates to create the grandest holding in all of India. Spend your dice wisely to achive victory. Kathleen approved!

Heaven & Ale

If you love yourself some beer, then this crisp new game of brewing is for you! Lead an ancient monastery and take their brewery to new heights. Carefully manage your garden, balancing your harvest against future growth, and brew the best beer under God's blue sky!

That's all for this week. Check back in next Friday for all the new exciting stuff we'll get!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Guild of Heroes Session Report 1/28 - Ser Bluto's Favor, Isles of Niln

We were delighted to have another two rousing sessions with our Guild of Heroes last Sunday, January 28, 2018. The Guild of Heroes is Labyrinth's ongoing Dungeons & Dragons' campaign for young players, featuring custom characters and an ever-developing world. Our twelve heroes broke into groups and were challenged by two daunting quests, run by our DMs Camilla and Ben. Our next event is scheduled for February 17. To attempt to satisfy the huge demand for these events, we will run four tables of games, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Slots are still available for the morning session, with registrations on Eventbrite as usual.

DM Ben - Ser Bluto's Favor (Isles of Niln - Unsettled Island)

DM Ben and Heroes
While recuperating at Fort Stonespur, our party of brave adventurers received an unexpected invitation. A terrified messenger approached and informed them that Ser Bluto Vel Alrich, commandant of Fort Kraos and self-proclaimed Imperial Governor of the Isles of Niln, desired a conference. Though Silas, a dragonborn, was all for eating the messenger, the rest of the party decided it was better to see what the fire giant captain wanted with them. To reach Fort Kraos, the party needed to hire a boat. After some failed sword-point negotiating, the party managed to enlist the wealthy Reginald P. Boatsman to ferry them across, due in large part to the musical stylings of the bard, Rowen. Ser Bluto opened their summit by interrogating the party about the Guild’s previous run-ins with the Empire. Ancestra managed some quick talking and convinced the giant that they were not responsible for the past digressions. Satisfied there was potential for future cooperation, Bluto informed the group of his reason for bringing them to his fortress. He had charged an expedition to discover the source of unnatural earthquakes that shake the Unsettled Island, but they had been attacked. The party was tasked with slaying the intruders and recovering anything the expedition had uncovered. The party approached the floating research derrick from the rear in order to take the intruders by surprise. They found the surrounding waters infested with sharks and the platform ahead guarded by a dreaded Sahuagin, a mutated water demon that looks like a malformed merperson. Eldan transformed himself into a wolf and managed to surprise the guard while the others were able to silence the following alarm. The group then had to navigate the spiderweb of floating platforms and rafts, many of which listed dangerously with the weight of the dragonborn in the group. With the fins circling around them reminding the group of the dangers of falling, they decided to split up and hopefully make the passage less dangerous. Alas, the remaining Sahuagin discovered their dead companion and attacked Sora and Silas, who had gone ahead. Frenzied by the wounds the party had previously received, the Sahuagin attacked without mercy and the group was forced into desperate action to support their besieged friends. With leaps of tremendous skill, Rowen and Jeff managed to clear a school of chum-chomping sharks and land on the raft barely wide enough for them to stand. The melee reached a fever pitch. More Sahuagin arrived, and sharks snapped at the wood beneath their feet, but our brave heroes managed to slay them all. All that remained was to raise the submerged diving platform and discover for what the empire’s forces had been killed. Ancestra threw the lever and the party braced themselves for the worst. The platform broke the surface of the waves and revealed their final foe, a Sahuagin Baron--eight feet tall with four arms, all clutching fearsome weapons. To make matters worse, a 30 ft shark had been beached on the platform as it rose, and now stood between the party and their target like a wall with teeth. Eldan tried to leap the shark, but even in wolf form couldn’t escape its fearsome jaws. Silas, too, fell to the Baron gleaming trident. Thankfully, some fine javelin work by Jeff, a stealthy stab from Rowen, and a lungful of flaming breath from Sora was enough to slay their terrible adversary. Quickly, the group revived their friends and searched the debris on the platform. Amongst corroded weapons of some ancient make, they found a single pearl, embedded in a shield, which the party took for the Guild. The final challenge for our brave adventurers was a second confrontation with Bluto. The fire giant was displeased when the party returned with only ruined weapons and interrogated them as to the truth of their findings. Ancestra held her ground and convinced him of their honesty. The choice then fell to Sora, a retired Imperial soldier, to decide where her loyalties lay. Ahead of her were Ser Bluto and a chance to reclaim the glory of her past. Behind were her new friends, the Guild she had sworn to serve. After a tense moment of consideration, Sora chose to keep her silence and side with the Guild. The mission successfully completed, the party returned to Fort Stonespur, a little richer and a little more experienced than they were when they left. Only one question remains: what will Ser Bluto do if he discovers the party’s treachery? But that’s a story for a different time...

Supplementary Report from Eldan Meliamme Oakenheel:

At Fort Stonespur we were called to a meeting with the giants in a giant stone castle in the middle of the sea. There were three ships we could choose from to sail. We tried the middle ship, but they pay was 35 gold but we only had 30. We tried to intimidate him but it didn't work so we went to the captain to the right. Our bards had him lower the price and we went to the fortress the giant said. Mysterious earthquakes were on a nearby island. He said he had a fort there that had been attacked. A dwarf took us there on his boat. The giant told us to bring all we found.

When we found the place we were looking for it was covered with giant sharks. When we got there, it was a large series of wood chained together. We got the chain we had to pull after we killed a sahuagin (shark person) we pulled the chain and two dragonborn (fighter and paladin) started fighting a pair of sahuagin. The rest of us (except the dwarf barbarian) jumped on the platform that was drifting towards the other side. The dwarf barbarian swam over to the moving platform. I turned into a wolf and jumped across, then two sahuagin appeared on a platform across from me. A dragonborn thew sahuagin guts at them. The two dragonborn attacked them as a sahuagin appeared on the fourth platform. We split up and defeated the sahuagin with a few attacks from the giant shark, then our dragonborn bard flipped the lever to bring up and inner platform. After we healed with magic the platform had a suffocating giant shark and a four armed sahuagin baron. We had to jump around the giant shark to kill the baron then, when the giant shark had suffocated, we kept a magic pearl but gave the giant armor and weapons that had stayed under the ocean for millenia.

DM Camilla - Isles of Niln

It was a dark night as the party of six climbed towards the monastery high in the mountains of Niln. They had first stopped in the villages of the hills below, where reports spoke of the usually peaceful monks who worshipped the mountain suddenly demanding tithes, though they had not done so for hundreds of years. One person they spoke to even said that their wife was taken captive, and described her should she be found. Their suspicions were raised as the group came upon a massive stone head blocking the way. Careful words bought them passage through its mouth, as well as cryptic statements about the monks above.

DM Camilla and Heroes
Continuing on, Xanaphia and Meili began to investigate the placid statues that lined the path as they neared their destination. Each was dressed in simple robes, with shaved heads, seemingly carved from a pure block of rare minerals. They picked out a set of statues in garish, fearful poses, made of crude stone, as well as the tracks that showed they had been dragged here, placed amongst the much finer works. Shockingly, one matched the description they had been given below. Something was up.

Their climb ended at a small plateau, inset with a stone garden, and heavy doors that lead into the mountain. Carousing amongst the pebbles was a rowdy group of figures, drinking cider, playing songs on drums and lute, and wearing simple robes which matched the statues. Quick to see evil, Theirastra lashed out with magic, sending one of them into an arcane slumber. The dancer fell to the ground with a thud, and the supposed monastery went silent, before the group burst into laughter, their attention turning to the newcomers. Portia stepped forwards, asking about the supposed banditry, which was strongly denied. It was however, taken as inspiration for another “visit” to the villages below.

The party trailed a half dozen of them down the mountain, when one of the statues whispered at them. It was a young monk named Seira, who had resisted the last shred of petrification. Reed, Theirastra, and Berrian trailed the “monks” down the mountain, as the other three adventurers spoke with Seira. Her words led them to a secret passageway, accessed through the massive stone head. It led into the monastery’s sanctum, where they could find three magical orbs, said to activate the defences of the monastery.

Down below, the group of three saw the monks, now know to be bandits, as they extorted money and goods from those who lived there. Poison, flame, and arrowheads subdued them, and they left them in the hands of vengeful villagers. The heroes rejoined their companions, and ventured into the mountain, finding the first two stones easily. Fleeing a patrolling guard, they came across the true monks, nursing wounds as they hid within a secret chamber. A fight with the bandits’ leader secured the third stone, though its noise woke the rest of the bandits, who came spilling out of the room where they slept.

The party sprinted, making it to the statues where they deposited the stones in waiting hands. With a groan, the statues came to life and began to hurl the weighty orbs at the bandits, quickly bringing them to their knees. Thanking the party, the monks took hold of the bandits, promising to provide them moral education and spiritual clarity.

One task remained, to undo the plague of petrification on display throughout the mountain path. As the monks began administering to their charges, the party returned to the sanctum, quickly finding a Gorgon who had been chained before an altar. One of their company was immediately struck, their skin turning to stone as the magic took hold. Quick negotiation by all befriended the Gorgon, as they offered her liberation. With gratitude, she locked eyes with their stony friend, returning their mobility before freeing the villagers the same way.