Saturday, June 30, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 06/29/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 06/29/18
Hey folks! We've got an exciting assortment of arrivals, both new faces and old friends returning. Take a look!

Sailing Toward Osiris
In the age of Old Egypt, at the height of its glory, the Pharaoh has died without heir. Now, as his body makes its final procession by barge to its resting place, it falls to you, the governors of the various provinces, to take up the duty of a monarch's child and build grand monuments in his honor, so that mighty Osiris may see the Pharaoh was loved and judge him accordingly. Sailing Toward Osiris plays in deceptively simple and quick fashion with each turn consisting of a single action. Hoard resources, assign workers, and time your movements carefully to claim the title of Pharaoh.

Century: Eastern Wonders
Century: Eastern Wonders is the second game in the Century spice-trading trilogy. Leaving behind the desert caravans players now take to the high seas, darting between the colorful islands of Indonesia in search of valuable spices! With a map of hexagonal tiles that's different each play through and a wide range of viable strategies, Eastern Wonders provides near-infinite replay value. For an added bonus, one may combine Century: Eastern Wonders with Century: Spice Road for a brand new experience: Sand to Sea.

Sunset Over Water
Have you ever dreamed for the pastoral life of a landscape artist? Sunset Over Water is a game of breathtaking vistas and the pursuit of artistic immortality. Players set plans and execute long treks through the wilderness in order to find the greatest landscape possible. Sell your works for wealth, or keep them for your own edification. With beautiful portrait cards and lovely components, Sunset Over Water is a joy to play.

Prowler's Passage
Prowler's Passage is a two-player game of stealth and strategy. In it, you play as a pair of rival thieves tunneling through the districts of a fantastically wealthy city. Both seeking at every turn to outdo the other. Place tunnels, infiltrate districts, and seize treasure. May the best thief win!

Legend of the Five Rings: Breath of the Kami
Breath of the Kami is the first pack in the Elements cyle, bringing the Five Elements of Rokugan and the Shugenja who wield them to the fore. Breath of the Kami focuses upon the element of Air; an element of subtle manipulation that can be roused into a storm of destruction. It also sees Mantis clan rejoining the battle for Rokugan for the first time since the release of the LCG! Definitely worth grabbing for any fan of the game.
Arkham Horror LCG: Return to The Night of the Zealot
In the Arkham Horror Core Set, players were introduced to the game and its mechanics through The Night of the Zealot scenario. Now, years later, you return, stronger and wise--to find the challenge has grown to match you. Return to The Night of the Zealot updates the classic scenario with new mechanics and challenges for the experienced investigator. Additionally, it has a cool box that can fit a ton of cards--always at a premium. Can you brave the madness a second time?

Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon
We've been plum out of Pokemon: Sun & Moon boosters for a while now, so we're excited to have them back in. With Standard rotation coming up, now's a perfect time to pick up some packs!

 Q-Ba-Maze Lights
This is an awesome new set for Q-Ba-Maze. The motion-sensing cubes LIGHT UP when a marble moves through them! These blocks instantly transform even the most mundane construction into a marvel. Don't miss out!

Expansions Restock!

A giant restock of expansions for some of our most popular games has arrived! Included in the returning expansions are: Pandemic: In The Lab, Pandemic: On The Brink, and Pandemic: State of Emergency. Also, Catan: Traders and Barbarians and Catan: Cities and Knights as well as Carcassonne: Count, King, & Robber. 

And, last but certainly not least, we received a very small, unexpected restock of Gloomhaven and the very hard to find D&D Beholder miniature. Those will probably be gone this weekend so make sure to come and get them quickly, if you want one. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/21/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/21/2018
Hey guys! Summer has officially begun, and so have our Labyrinth Summer Camps. It's been busy here, but we still have time to tell you about our new stuff!

MtG: Jace Signature Spellbook
Step into the shoes of Magic's most infamous mage with the Jace Signature Spellbook! Contained in this spellbook are eight of Magic's most iconic spells, all embodying the core of Blue play. You also get a ninth card, a foil version of one of the others! This is a $30-$40 dollar value for $19.99--absolutely worth picking up for any Magic player!

Pandemic: On The Brink
Back after several months, Pandemic: On The Brink is a sadistic expansion for the modern classic. Along with rules and supplies for a 5-player game, On The Brink adds several challenge modes you can take on to increase the game's difficulty. A disease might become virulent, killing far more than it should, or an entirely new disease might mutate into existence. Most terrifying of all, the Bioterrorist mode pits one player against the rest! Dare you accept the challenge?

D&D 5E: Into the Borderlands
Into the Borderlands is a tremendously exciting module for 5th-Edition D&D, back in stock. It takes some of the original adventure modules from the very first edition and updates them to 5th Edition, allowing new players to more easily experience some of the most classic adventures of the hobby. It's definitely worth getting a party together for these adventures. 

D&D 5E: Tome of Beasts
Continuing on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons, The Tome of Beasts is an excellent third-party supplement from Kobold Press. Containing hundreds of wild, fantastic foes, it's a great way to liven up a game with some new beasties to battle. 

Unlock: The Formula and The House on the Hill 
We've added two new Unlock modules: The Formula and The House on the Hill. In The Formula, you must follow the trail of a disappeared scientist. Search out his lab, hidden in the subway tunnels of New York City, and retrieve his secret formula...before time runs out. And The House on the Hill sets you against a malign force haunting an ancient mansion, fighting for your lives. Both provide a full evening of entertainment, with the classic Unlock! quality.

New Lego!

Finally we've gotten in a gigantic shipment of new Lego stuff, everything from the old-school classic Creative sets to Marvel Superheroes. Of particular note are the extraordinarily cool new Technic sets, each of which creates a detailed vehicle to play with. They come with alternate building modes, and two--the Stunt Truck and Stunt Bike--can be combined into a single, massive construction!

And that's all for this week. Join us again next week for more What's New At Labyrinth!

Friday, June 15, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/15/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/15/18

Adventure Maximus!
Adventure Maximus is a new RPG for you! Quick to learn and play, it uses an innovative card-based character sheet and 5 6-sided dice to simulate the world. Great for younger gamers looking to play something they can run themselves or parents wanting to get their kids into RPGs; or even adults in the mood for quick-playing madcap heroics.  Definitely worth a play!

Say It!
Say It! is a high-speed, laugh-out-loud party game where you say whatever's on the tip of your tongue. Taking turns being judge, players draw two scenario cards to form a unique and ridiculous category: "What's your tool shed?" Everyone else has a few seconds to spout off as many examples as they can, with the judge awarding points to submissions they like. Yell your hearts out and have fun with Say It!

Book & Jigsaw Puzzle 
From Usborne comes a new Book & Jigsaw Puzzle collection. Not only are these colorful puzzles amazing on their own-- each box comes with a book inside! An excellent present for growing puzzlers. 

New Puzzle and Activity Books! 
A new shipment of activity books has arrived. Horay! Stickers, logic puzzles, search-and-find, and more--all perfect carry-ons for those long trips! Stock up for summer vacation with these.

Mad Headz
For fans of Rubix Cubes and other manipulation puzzles, Mad Headz offers a goofy, gory new option. These grotesque monster heads are segmented and spinnable--mess one up and try and turn it back!

Arkham Horror LCG: Threads of Fate
In The Forgotten Age, your investigators uncovered a lost city in the heart of the Amazon jungle, returning with an artifact that promises to shake the assumptions of the scientific world at its foundations. It seems high time for a rest--but when a stranger shows up at your door, claiming your actions have unleashed doom upon the world, you must decide how best to respond to her wild claims and the bizzare events now taking place in your hometown. Featuring three active Act decks, Threads of Fate demands that the investigators split their attention and solve the mysteries before them before it's too late.

That's all for this week! Tune in next week for What's New at Labyrinth!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/9/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/9/18
Hi there, everyone! I hope you're enjoying the summer weather as much as we are.

Cahoots is an energetic new cooperative card game. Players have to cooperate to achieve goals--without telling other players what they have in their hand! Can you successfully coordinate your hints to win the game?

Game of Thrones LCG: The Shadow City 
Delve into the darkness with new GoT LCG Chapter Pack, The Shadow City. As intrigue grasps Westeros, a beloved keyword from First Edition makes its way back: Shadow. A card with Shadow can be played into the field face-down for two gold, and flipped at any time for its effect! Lay traps and weave webs with this secretive chapter pack. 

Arkham Horror LCG: The Labyrinths of Lunacy 
Labyrinths of Lunacy is a diabolical stand-alone scenario for the Arkham Horror LCG. The investigators awaken trapped in a twisted maze, full of deadly traps and strange horrors. This pack can be played solo, with a team of 1-4 investigators as standard, and adds the brand new Epic Multiplayer mode, where multiple groups of investigators cooperate by playing parallel scenarios at the same time. Definitely a great pickup for any Arkham Horror fan. 

That's all for now--it was a bit of a quiet week! Check in next week for more new stuff!

Friday, June 1, 2018

What's New at Labyrinth 6/1/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/1/18
Hi gang! June is finally upon us, with summer right around the corner! Let's take a look at our shiny new arrivals:

High Society
If you love gorgeous art and games of strategic indulgence, High Society is the game for you! Reprinted with stunning Art Nouveau-inspired components, High Society places players as competing socialites at the turn of the century, bidding for luxuries to raise their social status. But beware--even if you've accumulated the most grandiose collection in the world, the player with the least money automatically loses! 

Three Kingdoms
The Three Kingdoms period, where the Chinese states Wei, Wu, and Shu vied for control of China in an intricate dance of alliances, culture, and warfare, has long captured the imagination of people worldwide. Three Kingdoms Redux is a deep strategy game that allows players to live through this age as one of the states in question. Players start in unequal positions, simulating the historical balance of power; to compensate, the second and third place players are placed in an alliance to counterbalance the first place player. By placing your generals and bidding for action, you develop your state. The savviest general is the one who will emerge victorious! 

Netrunner: Kampala Ascendant
Kampala Ascendant brings the Kitara Cycle to its climax, and close. It adds many new powerful and dangerous tools for Runners and Corps alike--you can fry your mind for power and new cards with the Zer0 rig, or lure runners to their doom with MTI Mwekundu. Regardless of which side you choose, the consequences of this struggle will define the future of the Sub Saharan League--on Earth, and among the stars. Tread carefully. 

Istanbul: The Dice Game 
Istanbul: The Dice Game sends players back into the dizzying bazaars of the Ottoman Empire, each struggling to seize their slice of the incredible wealth on offer. If you enjoyed the original, you'll almost certainly like this new version--and if you've never played,  there's never been a better time to try out this modern classic. 

Council of 4
Council of 4 is a game of corruption and capital, as players compete to become the wealthiest and most celebrated merchant in the Empire! To do so, you must build your Emporiums across the land--but the Council of 4 controls all building permits, so you need to grease their palms!

Legend of the Five Rings: The Sword and the Spirits  
Released in conjunction with the Disciples of the Void Phoenix clan pack, The Sword and the Spirits is a novella delving into the secrets of the mystical Phoenix clan. This 100-page dive into the newly revived Rokugan also comes with two exclusive, full-art alternate cards for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG!

Unlock Trio 
For fans of puzzles and escape rooms, the popular Unlock series has just released three brand new scenarios! From the gunmetal western Tombstone Express to the whimsical Oz, these new packs will provide hours of entertainment.

Ancestree is a hilarious and fun game of dynasty-drafting. Players draft ancestors from hands of cards, carefully assembling them into preceding generations. Will you be from a well-funded family of great pedigree, or a half-bankrupt bastard? The most illustrious player wins!

Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britan
Post-Roman Britain is an era where history and myth blend together. The Romanic Britons desperately fought to maintain their cultural and military cohesion in the face of an influx of Saxons and Angles from across the English Channel, and Celtic raids from the north and west. Their doomed struggle gave rise to one of the most enduring myths of Western Civilization--the once and future king, King Arthur. In Pendragon, GMT Games has delivered this era of myth and heroism in their trademark quality, producing a game of deep complexity for fans of strategy anywhere. Absolutely worth a play.

And finally, for our 21+ gamers, we've added DrunkQuest to our grown-up section! In the fantastical world of DrunkQuest, players race to defeat monsters and level up, but to do that--you need to drink! A rip-roaring good time for any party or friendgroup.

And that's all for this week! Tune in next week for the next installment of What's New at Labyrinth!