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What's New at Labyrinth: 6/21/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 6/21/2018
Hey guys! Summer has officially begun, and so have our Labyrinth Summer Camps. It's been busy here, but we still have time to tell you about our new stuff!

MtG: Jace Signature Spellbook
Step into the shoes of Magic's most infamous mage with the Jace Signature Spellbook! Contained in this spellbook are eight of Magic's most iconic spells, all embodying the core of Blue play. You also get a ninth card, a foil version of one of the others! This is a $30-$40 dollar value for $19.99--absolutely worth picking up for any Magic player!

Pandemic: On The Brink
Back after several months, Pandemic: On The Brink is a sadistic expansion for the modern classic. Along with rules and supplies for a 5-player game, On The Brink adds several challenge modes you can take on to increase the game's difficulty. A disease might become virulent, killing far more than it should, or an entirely new disease might mutate into existence. Most terrifying of all, the Bioterrorist mode pits one player against the rest! Dare you accept the challenge?

D&D 5E: Into the Borderlands
Into the Borderlands is a tremendously exciting module for 5th-Edition D&D, back in stock. It takes some of the original adventure modules from the very first edition and updates them to 5th Edition, allowing new players to more easily experience some of the most classic adventures of the hobby. It's definitely worth getting a party together for these adventures. 

D&D 5E: Tome of Beasts
Continuing on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons, The Tome of Beasts is an excellent third-party supplement from Kobold Press. Containing hundreds of wild, fantastic foes, it's a great way to liven up a game with some new beasties to battle. 

Unlock: The Formula and The House on the Hill 
We've added two new Unlock modules: The Formula and The House on the Hill. In The Formula, you must follow the trail of a disappeared scientist. Search out his lab, hidden in the subway tunnels of New York City, and retrieve his secret formula...before time runs out. And The House on the Hill sets you against a malign force haunting an ancient mansion, fighting for your lives. Both provide a full evening of entertainment, with the classic Unlock! quality.

New Lego!

Finally we've gotten in a gigantic shipment of new Lego stuff, everything from the old-school classic Creative sets to Marvel Superheroes. Of particular note are the extraordinarily cool new Technic sets, each of which creates a detailed vehicle to play with. They come with alternate building modes, and two--the Stunt Truck and Stunt Bike--can be combined into a single, massive construction!

And that's all for this week. Join us again next week for more What's New At Labyrinth!

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