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What's New at Labyrinth: 7/13/2018

What's New at Labyrinth: 7/14/2018
Hi everyone! Another busy week is drawing to a close. Cap it off with a visit to Labyrinth and see all the new stuff!

Round House
 A "round house" is a traditional structure from southeastern China: a massive, circular building designed to hold an entire extended family clan. Coming from Taiwanese designer Eros Lin, Round House places you in the shoes of a family head, leading a clan from within one of these redoubts. Move your family members around the Round House, maximizing your agricultural yield while preserving your security. An intricate strategy game with a historic flair.

Magic The Gathering: 2019 Core Set
The newest set for Magic: The Gathering is out! This core set brings in a new block of cards to the table, as well as five brand-new Planeswalker decks! Core sets are simpler mechanically than themed sets, and are intended to be an excellent starting point for new players. Come by and take a look!

Sorcerer & Stones 
In Taoist philosophy, a Xian is the peak of human enlightenment, a person who has refined their mind and body and obtained immortality. In Sorcerer & Stones, players become supplicants, racing to achieve this lofty status through enlightenment and possessing the spiritual stones necessary to refine your ki. Players must carefully manage their hands and board to obtain immortality.

Mystery of the Temples 
In the world of Mystery of the Temples, the Magic Academies tasked with researching new forms of magic have turned to the sealed temples of old in search of new finds. The temples, however, are protected by curses mighty and dark. The players are Curse Breakers, accomplished mages who must travel across the world and carefully assemble collections of sacred gems. Order your gems correctly to defuse a curse and claim the wealth that lies behind them!

 Legend of the Five Rings: The Fires Within 
The third Dynasty pack in the Elements Cycle, the Dynasty pack The Fires Within focuses on the most dynamic of the five elements, as well as adding new powers for the Mantis, Crane and Unicorn. Strange allies rise up, and mighty powers stir in Rokugan. Will you channel the fires of the earth, or be burned to a cinder?

Illimat: The Crane Wife 
The expansion to the beautiful, melancholic card game Illimat, The Crane Wife adds a new dimension to the trick-taking game. With new cards, tokens and Luminaries, this is definitely worth grabbing for any fans of the original game. 

Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden
The ground-breaking, card-crafting-deck building Mystic Vale is back again with yet another stupendous expansion! Twilight Garden adds the brand new Leader cards--with powerful abilities that can be improved over the course of play--and the Curse cards, which offer great power at a price. Take up the fight against the wither with this wonderful addition!

Smallworld: Underground
Back in stock after some time away is the stand-alone expansion for Smallworld: Smallworld Underground. If you think things are cramped on the surface, wait till you see the underworld. This standalone expansion adds a new board and several new races to the battle for territory. Definitely worth a play.

7th Sea Second Edition 
Also back in stock is the core rule book for 7th Sea! We just had our staff-led session of this swashbuckling RPG and it was a hit. Set in a Renaissance that never was, you must assume the mantle of heroes in an age where the world is changing. Will you tip the balance? 

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