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What's New at Labyrinth: 8/25/18

What's New at Labyrinth: 8/25/18
Hey guys! August inventory is behind us, which means that it's time for us to start ramping up for the holidays! These next couple of weeks are gonna be packed with new stuff! 

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is a monumental game about a quest for earthly power and immortal glory. Players act as princes in late Mughal India, scrabbling and squabbling for power. To obtain it, you must bid for the favor of influential personages, who allow you to build incredible monuments, but you must also curry favor with the people by ensuring the plentiful supply of commodities. Only the most glorious will find victory!

Brain Connect
Brain Connect is a competitive sliding puzzle game where every round is something new. Players pick out one of 16 unique sliding puzzle boards, then race to complete the challenge card first. The winner gets a point, and then everyone passes their board to the left. Think fast and keep your brain in order to win!

Coggy is a logic puzzle perfect for those long rides by plane or car. Twist and turn the multi-color gears to match the challenge cards, or just use it as a fidget. Perfect for trips or itchy hands.

The Island of Doctor Lucky
The irrepressible Dr. Lucky has invited a wide cast of friends, family and acquaintances to his personal island for a reunion. Unbeknownst to him, each and every one of them has murder in their heart. But he isn't called Dr. Lucky for nothing, and the island has a lot of danger on its own. Exhaust the old man's luck and finally finish him off yourself to win,

Terraforming Mars: Prelude 
Prelude is the most recent expansion to 2016's smash hit, Terraforming Mars. Playable with all expansions and variants of the game, Prelude adds a new phase to the game, prior to the outbreak of full terraforming. The Prelude cards customize your game, allowing you to jumpstart your projects or supercharge your corporation. Also new are 5 new corporations and 7 new project cards. Find out what happened before terraforming began, and use it to help you win!

Science Academy: Lip Balm and Bath Bomb Lab
For sprouting scientist, these two new lab kits are an excellent way to experiment. These self-contained chemistry kits are educational and fun ways to explore science, while producing your own lip balm or bath bombs. 

Startups is a cardgame of stress and success in the heady world of startup companies. Players must compete and connive to grab the majority of shares! Master your hand and muscle out the competition to seize control.

Gnomes at Night
Gnomes at Night is a cooperative game of speed and smarts. Each player controls a magnetic gnome, stuck to its twin on the other face of the board. The gnomes must find their way through the maze to reach the treasure, but the mazes are different for each player, so while the blue gnome might be in a dead end, the red gnome could move them both through! Definitely worth a try. 

Don't Mess with Cthulu (Deluxe)
The social deduction game with a dark twist, Don't Mess with Cthulu, returns with a brand new Deluxe edition. With new Objects of Power and the dread Necronomicon, this new edition offers even more excitement and intrigue for 4-8 players. Foil Cthulu's return... or aid it, and bring an end to the age of man. 

Ribbon Ninja
The classic playground game of Ninja comes to labyrinth - with a twist! In Ribbon Ninja, each player has three colorful ribbons hanging from their wrist. Swipe all of someone's ribbons and they're out! Only the swiftest ninja will win.

Harlem Unbound
Harlem Unbound is a sourcebook for the Call of Cthulu RPG. Immerse your investigators in the sights and sounds of Harlem at the turn of the century: The birth of jazz and new art, a vibrant wash of people and emotions. But in this Harlem, darkness lurks. Bigotry and discrimination cover even darker, supernatural evils, as strange things lurk in the deep shadows of old New York. Travel into the heart of darkness, within the city that never sleeps.

Game of Thrones LCG: Intro Decks 
The Game of Thrones LCG has come out with something very exciting: 8 brand new intro decks! If you've wanted to start playing the LCG, but didn't know where to start, look no further. The decks cover all 7 Great Houses and the Night's Watch, giving a wide variety of playstyles to choose from. Come take a look!

Pantone is a game of deception and symbolism. Players take turns being the "artist", who secretly recieves a character card, and then must attempt to represent that character using swatches of pure color. Interpretation is the name of the game as people need to figure out what colors represent when it comes to characters. A fun, artsy game.

Fitz It
Fitz It is a new party game of categories. Each player will receive 3 cards with categories on them--anything from "red" to "smaller than a breadbox". Play as many of your cards as you want, but make sure you can name an object that fits all of them!

Swipe Shot
Swipe Shot is an energetic new dexterity game from Fat Brain. Players each strap an elastic cuff to their wrist, with a hanging wrecking ball suspended from the center of the strap. You have to fight for control and swing the ball to knock down your opponent's cones instead of your own.

New Lego
Finally, we've gotten in a bunch of new Lego. Easily the most exciting is the new Pirate Roller coaster! Come check them out!

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