Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2019 Survey Results - Part 1

We wanted to thank everyone (all 278 of you) who participated in our 2019 Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want Survey. We have been going through the mountains of data that resulted from this survey, and we've been trying to distill it into something that we could share with you. This has proved more difficult than we estimated. It has been taking more time that we have to try to put it into some kind of presentable format. So, we decided that we would do a few blog posts covering different sections of the survey.

The most important thing with regard to this survey is that we really appreciate your opinions, and we love hearing your feedback. In yesterday's staff meeting, we went over the results of the survey in detail, and we are already starting to put some new plans into action to respond to your suggestions. The staff even suggested that we have an ongoing survey so that you can always submit recommendations and anonymously give us feedback. They loved hearing from you THAT MUCH. Keep an eye out. We'll have a Feedback Link on our website within the next few weeks.

Here's a general overview of the results. In the next blog post, I'll try to go into more of the specifics.

Here are the results of Question #1. Overall, it seems that respondents are pretty satisfied with us. We really appreciate all the love that this survey provided. It makes us feel great! BUT, the most important parts are how we can continue to improve and serve you even better, so that is what we've been focusing on.

Question #2 was about how often the respondents shop with us. The majority of respondents shop with us pretty frequently (THANK YOU!! We can't stay open without you!), but this was to be expected considering we promoted the survey on Facebook, Twitter, and at store events. The data is obviously skewed towards regular customers, and we realize that the results may not be completely representative of our entire customer population, but we still think that the data provides an excellent place to start thinking about future goals.

Question #3 asked about what respondents buy when they do shop with us. This again was pretty expected as these results follow our sales data pretty closely, with one major exception. We had a bunch of respondents say they buy role-playing games, and that is one of our lowest departments for actual sales. Very interesting. Based on gross sales data, role-playing games and Lego should be swapped. The main thing that I want our staff to remember is that all of our departments are important to the overall success of the store.

Question #4 was one of the most interesting to me. In it, we asked about 4 product lines that we brought in after our expansion in 2016. In later questions, respondents begged us not to get rid of MTG singles or Lego, but it's very interesting to us that the majority of people don't care if we keep any of them.

Partially based on this information, we have decided to try to more intensely focus on MTG singles and construction/engineering sets, and we will be carrying fewer science kits. This is mainly a space issue. We'd like to be able to display the Magna Tiles, Tegu Blocks and Keva planks better. With regard to MTG singles, we know that we can do better with regard to the product area, and we've had several meetings lately to discuss improving our services and product offerings. We've increased our buy list prices, and we've begun to more aggressively sell cards on TCG player online so that we can turn cards that don't sell in the store into money that can be used to buy more cards. Next month we are meeting with several software providers to see how we can improve the functionality of the in-store kiosk as well.

And, finally Question #5 asked what you'd want us to carry that we don't already have. Here a some specific responses to your feedback.

Puppies - No!

Keyforge - We carry it when we can get it. We currently have stock, and we are planning a sealed tournament on March 31. Register now. We are also accepting pre-orders for the next set.

More RPGs - We are working on this. We've already brought in some new inventory, and our RPG staff is meeting next week to discuss event planning and product management.

Bring Back Dex! - Done. I ordered a bunch of new deck boxes and binders this week. They should arrive today.

More Jigsaw Puzzle Brands - We are working on this, and we are ALWAYS getting new puzzles. We recently received a huge delivery from Galison, some of my favorite new puzzles. But we will keep trying to get even more.

Go Boards and Go Stones - We have these. If you want something else, please let us know.

Diet Soda - Probably not going to happen. If we add food or drink, it exponentially increases the regulatory requirements with which we must comply, including the bag tax. Plus, there is a 7 Eleven a couple doors down, and we really couldn't compete. And, space.

Labyrinth-themed accessories - New shirts are on their way!

Warhammer - We discussed this yesterday in the staff meeting. We may try to get in some of the self-contained games, but due to space restrictions and limited ability to hold events, we will not be going deep into Warhammer in the near future. Whenever we've tried to carry it in the past, it simply hasn't sold well for us, and we feel that if we don't have the space to dedicate to supporting events, we can't really be successful with this line.

Additional Pokémon inventory - We are constantly bringing in new Pokémon products, and Arsenio (aka Professor Spruce) has tons of plans to increase both product and events. Stay turned.

There were many other recommendations, and there's a lot more data to get through. We are considering everything! We'll try to post more next week. Again, thanks for your feedback, and please always feel free to tell us how you feel or how we can do better.

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