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What's New at Labyrinth 2/15/19

What's New at Labyrinth: 2/15/19
Welcome back, everyone. We've got a whole new lineup of stuff to show you, so here goes:

Troika & Zogen
We've gotten in two new games from Oink Games, makers of standout hits Startups and A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Troika is a game of space and strategy. Gems of incomparable value have been discovered on a distant world, and you've rushed over to grab your share. Unfortunately, you used all your fuel; fortunately, these gems can be turned into starship fuel! Balance your greed with need, or else you'll end up the richest corpse in the galaxy. Zogen, in contrast, focuses on a world in minature: the microscopic world of microorganisms. Players race to play out their hands, and only the swiftest evolution will see you to victory. 

Megaland is a push-your-luck game set in a retro-inspired videogame world. Players dive into levels together, splitting loot and bowing out when the risk grows too great. If you escape, you can spend your spoils on upgrades, but if you push yourself too far you'll die and lose everything! Chose wisely and live on the edge with Megaland.

In 1570s China, at the height of the Ming Dynasty, the Longqing Emperor ascends to a throne in turmoil. Seeing the corruption of the court, he embarks upon a campaign of eradication, harshly outlawing bribery. But the canny bureaucrats who ran the empire soon found a way around the restrictions: The unequal exchange of "gifts", a practice known as Gugong. In the game, players take the role of officials seeking to climb the bureaucratic career ladder. Travel the land collecting taxes, maintain the Great Wall, and trade "gifts" to get things done. Climb high enough and you may claim the greatest possible honor: a personal audience with the Emperor himself!

Reyholt is the latest worker placement game from the absurdly prolific Uwe Rosenberg. Set on the frigid isle of Iceland, Reykholt has the players take advantage of the island's geothermal energy to grow fruits and vegetables wildly out of sync with the northern climate. Develop your greenhouse and grow the right crops to win!

Hokkaido, sequel to Honshu, is a map-building game set in the beautiful northern island of the same name, the northernmost island of Japan. Players carefully construct their territories out of interlocking and overlapping terrain cards. Secure yourself the most valuable plot of land in Hokkaido to win! 

Bumuntu is a game of careful strategy and wisdom, based on the folktales of the Bakongo, the largest tribal group in Central Africa. The spirits of the animals are wise teachers, and if you follow their advice by mimicking their movements they'll grant you the knowledge to either improve your movements or hinder your opponent's. Whomever can prove themselves the wisest human, by gaining favor and collecting sacred statues, wins!

Legend of the Five Rings: Children of the Empire
Children of the Empire is the newest premium expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG. It is a time of great turmoil in the Emerald Empire. The traditional balance between the great clans is breaking down, and dark forces long dormant have begun to stir. Into this chaos, the Emperor himself releases a monumental edict, one that will fundamentally change Rokugan forever. Children of the Empire shakes up the meta game with a whole new set of cards and mechanics, including the new Composure keyword. Master crisis to find victory with this stunning new expansion.

The Great City of Rome 
The Great City of Rome is a game of reconstruction and glory. After a grand fire destroyed most of Rome, the Emperor has summoned the greatest minds from around the Empire to assist in the reconstruction. Compete with your colleagues for building permits and the Emperor's favor. Only the greatest builder of the Great City can clam the laurels of victory.

Layers is a fun and detailed pattern-crafting game where speed and a sharp eye are needed to succeed. Players race to fulfill challenge cards by layering special cards with cutouts in the center, overlaying different apertures to match the pattern on the card. Fun for all ages.

Republished after a long run is the classic game Downforce, set in the high-stakes world of experimental race cards and the wealthy patrons who wager on them. If you're looking for a streamlined game of hand management, auctioneering and high-stakes betting, you can do no better than Downforce. We also have the Danger Circut Expansion!

And that's all for this week. Check back in next week for more What's New at Labyrinth!

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