Monday, May 11, 2020

Teaching & Playing Tussie Mussie over Zoom For Mother's Day

by Hannah

I'd been thinking of what to get my mom for Mother's Day all week, and with everything that is going on I realized the best thing is for us to spend time together, which we hadn't been able to do for a little bit. Yesterday I had a Zoom call with my mom, and we spent a couple hours catching up, learning some new things about Zoom’s various features, and, of course, teaching/learning how to play Tussie Mussie before playing a full game. It was a perfect way to spend time with my mom on Mother’s Day, and we had a blast playing together. Initially we were wracking our brains for a way to play without both of us having access to copies of the game, but I remembered that you can log into a Zoom meeting from your phone as well and use it as a second camera, which opens up a lot of possibilities for playing games—even if it still can’t completely beat playing together in person. We also learned that you can annotate images and such that you share to the Zoom via the share screen options.

We first went through the small instruction booklet together. My mom shared images of the different parts of the rules, so I could help suss out what was being referred to, especially regarding some of the cards with weird scoring rules. We then shuffled up and got ready to play. In the game you draw two cards, looking at both and then deciding which of them to offer your opponent face up and which to offer facedown. Your opponent then chooses which card to add to their Tussie Mussie. Cards that are face up are considered part of the bouquet, while cards that are face down are considered part of the keepsakes (this mainly matters for scoring purposes). Players cannot look at the face down card before taking it, so there is an element of bluffing in the game as well. At first my mom and I (for learning purposes) were just showing both cards to each other face up to figure out what combinations we might be able to make to score points. We then kind of finagled a way for us to be able to look at our cards without the other person seeing, which really probably works best at 2 players, but was still super fun.

We then played out a full game, learning about which cards were better bets, and which were worth taking if we felt like changing our game plan last minute. Each round lasts four turns and there are generally three rounds in a game. At the end of each round, you score your Tussie Mussie, which should consist of four flower cards. If you have cards with a “Before scoring” ability or condition, then be sure to resolve those first before tallying things up. We had so much fun learning this game together, and really got a chance to connect even at a distance. It was definitely the best way to spend Mother’s Day for us, and we plan on playing more cards games over Zoom this coming week. I certainly can’t wait. 

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