Friday, April 30, 2021

The Latest from Inside the Maze 04/30/2021

Four Gardens

This beautiful game released this week at Labyrinth and is an amazing price point for its beautiful production. It has also already become a couple of the staff's favorite new game.

Mercado de Lisboa

The long awaited game is now in stock at Labyrinth, so check it out on our webstore.

Restock Alert: Calico

One of my personal favorites is now back in stock after a long hiatus! This is a game of adorable cats and brain melting puzzling.

Restock Alert: Everdell

This is another one we've been really anxious to see come back. This is a cute woodland creature themed tableau builder and it comes with a fantastic 3D tree.

Restock Alert: New York Zoo

Uwe Rosenberg's adorable game with its even cuter animeeples is back in stock at Labyrinth!


Local designer, Kegan, has stocked us with some of their newest RPG project, Phanta. This is a super cool indie rpg that hosts 2-6 players and features some really cool extras as well as Kegan's signature. 

New Puzzles

We recently received a bunch of new puzzles, so peruse them on our shiny, revamped webstore.

Cat Lady Expansion

There is a now a Cat Lady expansion in Box of Treats! This expansion brings the game up to 6 players and adds some fun new mechanics to the game.

Draftosaurus Expansions

Check out these two new expansions to the beloved Draftosaurus.

Binders & Deck Boxes!

We just received a bunch of new binders and deck boxes for housing all your favorite collectible card game stock.

Friday, April 23, 2021

What's New at Labyrinth 04/24/21

 New Melissa and Doug Puzzles and Magic kit

We received several new wooden puzzles, Water Wows, and a new Magic kit from Melissa and Doug. Follow the link to check them out!

Strixhaven Official Release

All the Strixhaven product is officially released and available for purchase along with all this amazing Strixhaven merch. Be sure to check it out on our webstore!

Over 20+ New LEGO Sets

We received more than 20 new LEGO sets this past week, so feel free to browse them on our webstore. There are some really crunchy sets in there too for the fanatic builder in your life.

New Jigsaw Puzzles!

New puzzles have arrived at Labyrinth. Check them out on our webstore.

Restock Alert: Empires of the North!

One of my top favorite games of all time is back in stock at Labyrinth! If you're curious about Empires, then ask if Hannah (i.e., me) is around and I am always happy to talk about it.

Friday, April 16, 2021

What's Fresh at Labyrinth? Lots of Things 04/16/21

Hadrian's Wall

The next installment of the Raiders of Scythia series from Renegade is here! Check out this crunchy flip-and-write on our webstore.

Restock Alert: Cryptid

The social deduction game full of mythical critters is back in stock at Labyrinth. 

Restock Alert: Terraforming Mars

The beloved, crunchy euro game of corporate greed and celestial expansionism is back in stock at Labyrinth! This is a favorite of many of our staff members so feel free to ask us about it next time you're in store or check it out on our webstore, where you can find our staff recommendation regarding this great game.

Restock Alert: Dune Imperium

If you are a Clank! fan and a Dune fan, then here's a Dune game by the creators of Clank! It's back in stock at Labyrinth and has gotten so much positive feedback since its release last year.

MTG Strixhaven Prerelease

Prerelease is here, and prerelease kits are up for sale on ecom now! If you want to do your at-home prerelease, then be sure to shop for those on our webstore ASAP, as these are available for in-store purchase at 11am.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Ghosts from the Past

The newest Yu-Gi-Oh product is here and out for sale. Quantities are limited, so be sure to grab yours quickly.

Announcement: New Kids' Magic Event!

We will be adding a new After School: Kids' Magic event! The first session of this new event will be on Thursday, April 22nd, and this event will specifically allow for kids to play 60-card formats in a manner similar to our Kids event, which runs Commander for them. Our Magic staff will be around to facilitate the matches and answer any questions the kids have while playing. 

Announcement: Change to Pokemon Events!

Starting with our last Pokemon Tournament in April on the 25th, we will no longer be using Battlefy for our Pokemon events. Instead registration will be through our events calendar on our website and payment through our Square site, which will be linked to on the corresponding event page. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

New Things at Labyrinth and Things You May Have Missed in the Last Few Weeks

The Initiative

This is a new, light-weight cooperative board game with unique elements of storytelling involved. 

Aquatica: Cold Waters

The new expansion to Aquatica is here!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Blades & Blasters: Bestiary and Rulebook

Check out this super cool book for transitioning from fantasty to scifi fantasy in 5e!

Pathfinder Bestiary 3

Check out this great set of fantastical monsters and creatures for one of the most popular tabletop games of all time!

Nightroot Maze

This cool mini dungeon crawl is compatible with multiple systems and was created by local author, creator, and Labyrinth Alum, Camilla Greer. This is an extremely limited run and the copies are numbered and signed by the author, so grab your copy quickly. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for her other indie projects like Where the Wheat Grows Tall on which she is collaborating with the main creator, Evlyn Moreau. She is also a main contributor to another indie product we sell, The Demon Collective Vol. 1

Avengers Theory 11 Playing Cards

We now have fancy, Avenger-themed playing cards!

Monster Expedition

This is a fun, push-your-luck game that continues within the world of Carnival of Monsters, another great game. In the game you roll dice to determine how many points you have to spend on taming monsters or capturing and caging monsters. Be sure to check it out on our webstore.

Umbra Via

This is an interesting bidding game mixed with tile-laying. Players are vying for control of the pathway on the board in order to retrieve soul tokens from their color board by closing off pathways; however, they have to bid for the direction the pathway takes next. Check it out on our webstore.

M21 Challenger Decks

The 2021 Magic the Gathering Challenger Decks are out and are looking super fun, especially for anyone trying to get into standard on a budget. See which one suits your playstyle by checking them out on our website!

Stuffed Fables: Oh Brother!

The newest expansion to Stuffed Fables is here!

The Whatnot Cabinet

This is a very simple and cute set collection game for 1-4 players. For more details, look at the listing on our website.

Block Chain

These different sets of puzzles provide various challenges for the individual puzzler looking to try something new.

Reprint: Ginkgopolis 

This is a game of hand management and tile-placement to a degree; however, in the game, players pay down a card in the city simultaneously, then pass their hand to the left, so it requires some planning ahead to avoid giving your opponents an easy play.

Food Chain Island

Food Chain Island is a great solitaire card game from Button Shy in which the solo player attempts to reduce a 16 card grid down to one card by having bigger animals eat smaller animals in the food chain. It is a great brain teaser game to carry around and use for a brain break from work.

Maiden in the Forest

This wallet game from Button Shy is an 18-card solitaire puzzle game that uses some pattern recognition as well. 

Skulls of Sedlec

This is an interesting wallet game from Button Shy in which 2-3 players are novice monks attempting to assist with clearing space in the graveyards by digging up current graves and retrieving skulls to arrange in a more economical crypt. 

Fairy Tale Inn

This is a super fun twist on the Connect 4 style sequencing game, except a bit trickier and a lot prettier! In this two-player game, players each sit on one side of the upright grid and take turns placing one of the available fairy tale character tiles in the grid. Each fairy tale character has a different ability or effect when they are played or when they are scored at the end of the game, and when three columns are full the game ends. We've really been enjoying this one here at the store!

Candlekeep Mysteries!

The awesome new Dungeons & Dragons source book is here. This book contains several new one-shot adventures that all take place in or involve libraries in one form or another. This also happens to contain the first wheelchair accessible adventure, so it is an especially appreciated expansion to the most popular roleplaying game.


Secret Squad

This is a zany new party game in which you'll frantically try to deduce who is friend and who is foe.

Shifting Stones

This is a great mix of visual puzzler and strategy in which you'll try to score certain patterns by shifting and flipping stones; however, your opponents' might shift things out of your favor.


Dominant Species: Marine

Help your chosen species become the most dominant in this crunchy, strategy game of action selection.


Check out this funky, new storytelling game from Cranio!


So many new miniatures came in recently!

Star Wars X-Wing Expansions

Check out these two new X-Wing expansions!


Challenge yourself with these new, higher piece count puzzles!

Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 Super Race Set

This freshly stocked Q-Ba-Maze set comes with 44 cubes, 1 Marble Vortex, 8 Straight-Away Rails, 1 Turbo Launcher, 1 Finish Line Loop and 12 painted steel marbles.

Restock Alert: LEGO Architecture Tokyo

This gorgeous LEGO Architecture set when built depicts the beautiful, modern city of Tokyo. This is definitely a more challenging set, so it is recommended for experienced LEGO builders.

Restock Alert: Arboretum

Arboretum is back in stock! The angry tree, card game is a beloved choice among several of our staffers.

Restock Alert: Parks

Parks is back in stock at Labyrinth! This is a gorgeous game that is all about celebrating our National Parks and all their natural beauty.

Restock Alert: Chess and Backgammon Sets

We got more chess sets in as well as backgammon sets. Check out these beautiful additions to our selection more closely on our webstore.