Friday, February 26, 2021

What's New this Week at Labyrinth! 02/26/21

Maglev Metro

This game is an amazing new release from Bezier that includes tile placement, pick up and deliver, and engine building at a mid-weight complexity. Come build your rails as efficiently as you can and check out the astounding component quality in this great new game. 

Sentinel Comics GM Kit and Core Rulebook

This is a lovingly crafted new RPG by several great designers, including local favorite, Dave Chalker. If you're a fan of comic book-style storytelling and action, then consider running this for your friends.

Here to Slay

Here to Slay is a silly hand management and action point game in which players race to assemble a team of heroes to slay 3 monsters before their opponents can or to assemble a team of heroes with all 6 different hero classes represented before their opponents can.

Dice Throne Season 1 Rerolled Packs

We have the Dice Throne Season 1 Rerolled Packs in limited supply! This is a great two-player dice game packed with unique asymmetric dice sets and great art. The packs currently in stock are: Pyromancer vs Shadow ThiefBarbarian vs Moon Elf, and Monk vs Paladin

Royal Visit

This is a game of tug-of-war using cards for two by Reiner Knizia! The game comes with a lovely roll out game mat and very nicely produced meeples. In the game players represent one of the two duchies shown on the playmat and are playing out cards to try to attract the King and his procession to their respective chateaus at the opposite ends of the board.

X-Men Mutant Insurrection

It's here! This is a new cooperative game for all X-Men fans who've always wanted to live out their own X-Men missions. Join and work together as a team of some of the most iconic mutants in order to rescue other mutants and protect the world from classic X-Men villains. With a pretty approachable complexity level, this one is sure to be an instant hit.

Important Restock Alert--Monsdrawsity is Back!

This is a super fun party game full of artistic potential. Eric Slauson is also the creator of Tattoo Stories--one of Staffer Hannah's favorite games!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

What's New at Labyrinth--Releases, Restocks, and Updates

Pokemon V Battle Decks!

The new Venusaur V and Blastoise V Battle Decks are in stock at Labyrinth. If your kid is looking for a new deck to play, then check these out. Blastoise and Venusaur are classic Pokemon favorites, so be sure to catch them while you can!

Pokemon V Battle Bundle (a great value)

The Pokemon V Battle Bundle comes with both the Blastoise V Deck and the Venusaur V Deck in one convenient package. 

Excavation Earth

Excavation Earth is a new game from Gordon Calleja, Dávid Turczi, and Wai Yee. You get to be aliens who are excavating the planet Earth post-human-exctinction. Your goal as one of several alien races is to gather the most interesting human artifacts to compose an art collection that you'll ultimately try to sell. I find this theme delightful and Dávid Turczi has also done work on another favorite of mine that we carry in the store, Trismegistus

Smash Up: Marvel

The classic game of mixing and matching and deckbuilding is back with a Marvel version. If you're a fan of the zany Smash Up series, then be sure to check out this latest title.

Cyberpunk Red

The core rulebook for Cyberpunk Red is back in stock! Both this and Altered Carbon are great systems for futuristic, transhumanist adventures. 



Cubitos is a new racing game full of really cool dice for drafting and a push-your-luck mechanic. Draft your dice and build your pool as you attempt to have your chosen team win the great Cube Cup race.

Pax Pamir KS Edition Restock!

The beautiful game, Pax Pamir, by Root designer, Cole Wehrle is back in stock at Labyrinth, and is as well-made and well-designed as ever. This lovingly illustrated game is one of historical import and intrigue as players take the role of Afghan leaders attempting to unite the country into one state, while fielding the intereference of European countries attempting to take advantage of the loss of a central power in the region post-the fall of the Durrani Empire.

Plushie Dice Bags

We restocked on Plushie Dice Bags. Don't you want one of these adorable monsters carrying and protecting your 7-set? The dice bags featured here are Owlbear, Mind Flayer, Shark, and Beholder.

1989: Dawn of Freedom

Similar to the popular Twilight Struggle, 1989: Dawn of Freedom is another great two-player history game, in which one player takes the role of Communist and the other of Democrat, both wrestling for control over the Soviet empire, whether to maintain it or dismantle it. 

Other Restocks!

Imperial Struggle and 1960: Making of the President have been freshly restocked!

Quick Updates

--There was a big puzzle restock this week, as well as some Lego restocks. 

--Keep an eye out as Labyrinth will be doing several window displays over the next month or two in celebration of all the great histories spotlighted this time of year. The next display after Valentine's Day will celebrate Black History Month, so be sure to stop by and see what we put together.

--We will also be promoting a couple different events happening around Eastern Market and the DC area over the next couple weeks, so watch our feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for posts of that nature.

Thanks, everyone! 

Hannah Trammell

Friday, February 5, 2021

New Titles and Fresh Restocks at Labyrinth 02/05/2021

Magic the Gathering Kaldheim Release

Those who preordered draft booster boxes, collector boxes, and prerelease kits got an early jump on cracking open Kaldheim for the Prerelease weekend; however, the official release of the set is here. Now you can purchase any of these great Kaldheim products either on our webstore or by stopping by for our limited in-store shopping. The bundles, set booster boxes, and Commander decks have arrived and are already emanating an icy foreboding...Poor Labyrinth Staffer Darryl is already feeling the chill here as he showcases product to one of our customers. All available product from the set can be perused here: 

Unlock! Mythic Adventures Release

Sometimes escapism can take its form more literally, and that is exactly the case with the Unlock! series. These great sets each come with three escape-the-room style puzzle adventures, ideal for whiling away an evening with one's bubble or Zoom buddies. Now, we have the newest installment in the series, Unlock! Mythic Adventures. This set comes with three new puzzling adventures for players to parse out, including Around the World in 80 Minutes, In the Clutches of Hades, and Professor Noside's Animal-O-Matic. Take a look at the latest Unlock! here:

Pebble Rock Delivery Service Release

Pebble Rock Delivery Service released this past week, and has found its new home on our family games table. This game contains elements of pickup and delivery as well as push-your-luck, and is perfect for bringing kids and grown ups alike together for game night. You all play sea captains, planning cargo routes and trying not to get attacked by pesky pirates and shady sharks while delivering your goods as efficiently as possible. It plays with 2-4 people and from ages 8+. Look at it on our webstore here:

Honey Buzz Restock!

The game everyone is buzzing about is back in stock at Labyrinth. We also still have some of the packs of deluxe game pieces that come with fuzzy bee meeples. 🐝 Check it out here: 

Funfair Release

Funfair is a successor to Unfair, a theme-park building board game with a ton of ways to build your park. Funfair is similar but takes Unfair and dials back some of the complexity while keeping all the variety to make a great game night favorite. There's some hand management, action-sequencing, and a lot of cool ways to build your roller coasters. Take a closer look here:

Praga Caput Regni 

Those looking for a new crunchy game of action-selection and resource management should check this new title out. The game involves managing resources as wealthy citizens looking to win favor with King Charles by contributing to the construction of various parts of the city. There are a set of actions to choose from on your turn and the cost of those actions is a constantly shifting factor. Take a look at it here:

EIDOS Great Art Card Game--Like Art Spot-It for grown ups

The tag line next to the title says it all, but you really have to take a look at the gorgeous art replicated on these cards to appreciate this game. It's a game of perception and art appreciation that can be taken on the go. If you're looking for an easy game night hit, then check this out: 

Almanac the Dragon Road--Read it and weep

This is a fun game, where each page of the book is a new encounter in the game. It has storytelling, strategy, and great art. The designer, Scott Almes, is also planning to do a series of these games in similar style, so keep a weather eye out for this exciting new hit. Check it out today here:

Hallertau--The new Uwe Rosenberg Game!

This exciting new Rosenberg game is set to Expert Level and involves a lot of farming sim and tinkering with action selection. Be sure to read more about it on our webstore: 

Monster Soup

This is a silly, tactile game in which you are trying to fulfill monster food recipes by feeling for specific ingredients on your turn in a blind bag. Look at it on our webstore here: 

Marvel Champions: Quicksilver Pack Release

The latest hero pack for Marvel Champions is here, and it's Quicksilver, the fastest hero of the Marvel universe. If you haven't played Marvel Champions, check out our staff review of it on the product page here:



Cloudage is a dystopian campaign game for 1-4 players that uses deck building, engine building, and resource management to drive a compelling narrative about the dark future. Check it out on our webstore here:

Rising Sun Restock!

Rising Sun is back in stock finally! This is a must-have for any fans of war games with a twist. Firstly, Rising Sun is not your usual dudes on a map game. Rising Sun incorporates tenuous alliances, diplomacy, and action selection that makes placing figures on the map that much more strategic and thought-provoking. Even the war phase involves hidden bidding on different war time actions with simultaneous reveals that leave players trying to read each other's poker face. It's an intimidating exterior but the actual running of the game is fairly straightforward compared to other games in the genre. Check it out on our webstore here:

Caverna Restock

The crunchy cavern farming game from Uwe Rosenberg is back in stock and as much a classic for any collection as ever. Find it on our webstore here:

Eagle Gryphon Restock

We just received a restock on Eagle Gryphon games including Rococo, Botswana, Incan Gold Bookshelf Edition, Vinhos Deluxe, Lisboa Deluxe, Fleet the Dice Game, On Mars, and most importantly, Cheeky Monkey in its proper and only true container (i.e., the stuffed animal version).

Legos, Puzzles and Putties--Oh my!

So many new Legos, Puzzles, and Putties arrived in our shipments this past week. We are working to get them all on our eShop, and most of them are there now, so feel free to check them out now or stop by to see them in-store. 

Mr. Jack: London Expansion

The expansion to the two-player classic, Mr. Jack, is here, and it adds 6 new characters to play as, as well as the daunting prospect of running into Moriarty. Check it out on our eshop here: 

Canvas-The game that is also a conversation piece

Canvas is a game all about art, but the actual game box itself is also art that can be hung on your wall. It has a slot in the back for a hook or nail. For more details, check it out here: 

Zombie Teenz Evolution

There's a new sequel to Zombie Kidz! This new game is its own stand alone game; however, it is compatible with the original. Check it out on the eshop here: 

Honorable Restock Mentions: 

Mr. Jack, Mr. Jack Pocket, Targi and its Expansion.

All of these games, puzzles, and sets can be browsed on our webstore here: