Friday, April 30, 2021

The Latest from Inside the Maze 04/30/2021

Four Gardens

This beautiful game released this week at Labyrinth and is an amazing price point for its beautiful production. It has also already become a couple of the staff's favorite new game.

Mercado de Lisboa

The long awaited game is now in stock at Labyrinth, so check it out on our webstore.

Restock Alert: Calico

One of my personal favorites is now back in stock after a long hiatus! This is a game of adorable cats and brain melting puzzling.

Restock Alert: Everdell

This is another one we've been really anxious to see come back. This is a cute woodland creature themed tableau builder and it comes with a fantastic 3D tree.

Restock Alert: New York Zoo

Uwe Rosenberg's adorable game with its even cuter animeeples is back in stock at Labyrinth!


Local designer, Kegan, has stocked us with some of their newest RPG project, Phanta. This is a super cool indie rpg that hosts 2-6 players and features some really cool extras as well as Kegan's signature. 

New Puzzles

We recently received a bunch of new puzzles, so peruse them on our shiny, revamped webstore.

Cat Lady Expansion

There is a now a Cat Lady expansion in Box of Treats! This expansion brings the game up to 6 players and adds some fun new mechanics to the game.

Draftosaurus Expansions

Check out these two new expansions to the beloved Draftosaurus.

Binders & Deck Boxes!

We just received a bunch of new binders and deck boxes for housing all your favorite collectible card game stock.

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